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K.o.t.C. Recruiting (US ONLY/XBOX/17+Age)


Looking for a clan? Keepers of the Chaos is recruiting for our BO2 Chapter. We are a new clan and plan on growing. We are a group of gamers who play for fun and play competitively. We have chapters in Black Ops 2, Modern Warfare 3, and Halo 4. Our CoD ELITE clan is level 50 for MW3 and level 7 and rising for Black Ops 2. If you have any questions check out our page: xboxKotC.tumblr.com or you can contact us via Xbox Live [xPuffyHD, vReproductiioN, Rabano1]


*Black Ops 2 Recruirements*

Age: 17

Location: United States

Kill/Death Ratio: 1.35

Win/Loss Ratio: 1.10


**Tryout Information**