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YouTube Channel

Hey everyone! I recently started a YouTube channel about different Call of Duty games. I was wondering if any of you had any ideas I could use for new videos that I would make. You can just search OneSpeedySloth on YouTube to see any videos that I've previously posted. Thanks guys, and have a great day!

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    A Pig that flys

    Maybe do an "Evolution of each class" where you take AR, SMG, LMG, Snipers, SG, and Pistols, play with one or two in each game, and then fade to the next game, and show that game up to Black Ops 2. Just to see how the look, feel, and usage of them has changed over the times!

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    Another youtuber ?


    If you want to succeed than there's 2 ways of doing this.


    1. Find out what you're good at and build your target audience around that, you will have a small channel but you will do what you like and have a strong following.

    2. Analyse what every big youtuber is doing and try to do something they're not doing, try to fill up a gap, you will have a bigger audience who isn't that tight with you and sometimes you'll have to do things you don't like in order to gain or keep subs.


    My suggestion is the first. Keep in mind, it's fun to make vids but hard work and don't forget it will give you a lot of pressure. The bigger, the more pressure.

    And whatever you do please do not participate in youtube drama, the so called youtube community is getting on my nerves with all the high school childish nonsense they participate in.


    And never forget to have fun. If money is your reason doing this you will not last long and have a very hard and long way ahead.