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Looking for adult clan focused on objective game play and strategy

I'm an attorney in his thirties who likes to blow off steam playing Black Ops II a couple of times a week, but I'm sick of playing with silent teammates who don't seem to understand the huge advantage a team with good communication and strategy has.  I'd rather outsmart my opponent than out-twitch him, which is why I prefer objective game modes (particularly Domination).  I've never been in a clan but I think I'd be an asset to a group that shares my preference for smart play.  Gamertag is semiautomata. Message me if you're looking for players like me.

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    Could you please specify which console you are on?


    I have the right clan for you my friend. I am an administrator for the Bacon Chili Cheese Community. BCC is currently ranked number 6 on the Top 100 Black Ops 2 clans.


    Bacon Chili Cheese was established for the more mature player, we are laid back yet we have a competetive edge. We play mostly objeective based games, such as Domination and Demolition. BCC is a multi-platform community with members on all consoles. At BCC there is a No Drama and a No BS rule, we are an open community so there are no secrets. We only request maturity from our mwmbers, no additional requirements. We do not care what your KDR or Total XP may be, we go for the win, even if that means going negative in a match.


    We do have a website for our members to discuss most anything they would like to so, also in the purpose of making it easier to add other members.


    If you are interested in join the BCC Community just stop by our website and fill out an application. If you have any questions about BCC you can contact us via our website, Facebook, or Twitter. Links for all websites posted below. I hope to see you soon.


    Website: www.bcc.x10.bz

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/BaconChiliCheese

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/BCC_Community

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    Are you on xbox or psn? If your on xbox I will send you a request from xFCx IDOL IMAGE. I run Future Conflict. We are a pretty good and fun team. We haven't devoloped our stratagies just yet because we are waiting for a day we all are online but in just general play in CTF or DOM we do pretty good.

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      Here at [IEG] Infinity Elite Gaming, we are strongly focused on team play and friendship. We are looking for members who are mature (no raging over the mic to opponents), who are willing to attempt to work together as a team and who are looking to join a clan who wants to build more than just your gaming skills, but build friendships amongst people across the world. We have forums dedicated to our clan and are always active! \

      To join IEG you must submit an application at , http://infinityelitegaming.com/ and if approved you will go through an evaluation process, where you will become a 'Recruit' and you will need to 'befriend' all of us as will we do the same. The evaluation period will last 1 week and possibly longer. We will assess your gaming style (teamplayer), forum activity, how you communicate, how mature you are and most importantly, if you have befriended us and your forum/chat activity. We are looking for more of a 'brotherhood' that is dedicated to the clan and very active.

      - Age Limit: 16+ (We prefer 18+ as most of us are 25+)

      - Must have at least free COD ELITE

      - Microphone: Required to join

      - Stat Requirements: None, just enjoy yourself

      - Continent: Will take players from all over the Globe

      - Times we play: All hours of the day/night

      - Preferred Game Mode: Any

      - Great advancement opportunities

      - Inter clan battles and competitions

      - Gamebattles

      - Who referred you: [DFW FEEDS]

      - Clan website: http://infinityelitegaming.com/

      Currently, the first 10 members get in free without an evaluation!

      Questions? Message me on our website at DFW FEEDS or on XBOX Live at DFW FEEDS

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    Hello, my PSN is ByRoN-_-SLaYeR and I own the clan called "Gifted-Slayers".  It is a new, casual clan looking grow large and is accepting all members.  I would love for you, B25, to join my clan!  All I ask for you to do is participate in clan ops once in a while, other than that there is no requirements!  Hope to see you soon, ByRoN-_-SLaYeR

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    --Ashes of the Innocent--

    Click here and apply! --> http://ai-hq.com/ <--Click here and apply!

    A clan for people who play on...

    --Xbox 360-- http://ai-hq.com/viewforum.php?f=64

    --Playstation 3-- http://ai-hq.com/viewforum.php?f=63

    --Wii U-- http://ai-hq.com/viewforum.php?f=62

    --PC-- http://ai-hq.com/viewforum.php?f=70



    We are NOT a small clan; we are a large, friendly, and organized clan that works together like a family!



    • 60+ Members, help us expand!
    • Listed on top 100 CoD Clans.
    • Have our own website.
    • Active Xat chat.
    • Forums to discuss gaming needs and such
    • It's all about having fun - we love party games!
    • Old clan, we've been around for more than 4 years!
    • Mainly a CoD clan, so we know what we're doing.
    • PS3  is doing Clan Ops and has Golden Clan Tags!
    • We do play other games!
    • We have a structured ranking system, so we are not a mess of a clan!
    • Must be older than 15, or show you're mature enough for us.


    Look at our clan rules here! http://ai-hq.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=706


    Feel free to fill out an application, and gun along side one of us