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Just recently hit P4 (last night). I spent my permanent unlock on the AN 94 and was wondering what a good set up is.

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    I would also be interested to know as I begin my quest for AR Diamond Camo.

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    I generally go with a stand-off support build around this weapon: it's better from mid-range out in my experience:


    Attachments: Reflex sight + fast mags

    Secondary: Launcher (currently SMAW as I work on diamonds)

    Perk 1: Flak Jacket

    Perk 2: Toughness

    Perk 3: Tactical Mask

    Lethal: Frag

    Tactical: Shock Charge x2


    I play Ground War & generally only use this class when I get stuck on Aftermath, although it works okay for TDM or KC on Overflow as well.  For 6v6 matches I could see going with it on Express and/or Slums, too.

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    I like the Red Dot, no ACOG is too much and those EO Tech sights suck. The MMS is pretty nice too as the bullet penetration on that gun is decent. I messed around with Select Fire and it does ok if you can land all 3 shots which is enough to kill at most ranges you can seriously conserve a lot of ammo. Really though that gun doesn't need much in attachments. The only thing you can do is add convenience by using Fast Mag as a second

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    JacksDaddy07 wrote:


    Just recently hit P4 (last night). I spent my permanent unlock on the AN 94 and was wondering what a good set up is.

    I did the same at my 5th prestige and that AR was one I never really used (because its so late in the game)


    The best way to answer your questions is, does the AN94 suit your game style?

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      I typically run smg's on the smaller maps (Highjacked, Nuketown, etc..) but on the mid size maps I run AR's. I already maxed prestiged and gold camo'ed 3 AR's (MTAR, TYPE 25, M27). I was a fan of the AK47 in MW3 once I got use to the recoil.Heard the AN94 was a good gun just looking for some decent loadouts. I typically don't run a secondary gun. I am only P4 LVL 8 so most of my wildcards and perks are locked at the moment.

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    This was my first use of the perma-unlock, AN94. LOVE this gun. Great all around AR. Sadly I have it maxed already so I haven't used it in a bit. The iron sites are great on it so going without a sight is fine IMO, just remember your range will be a tad less and you need to burst fire at range.


    Grip, FMJ and silencer using primary gunfighter with scavenger can be a very deadly combo. As for sights, well, it really depends on your personal preference IMO.

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    Why are any of you using a sight on the AN-94 other than the iron sights??? The iron sights are perfect, the best of any weapon. Adding a sight is a complete waste of a pick 10. (imo)

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      I like the SCAR's iron sight better.


      And it depends on what role you're using the weapon in.  Playing a more defensive style with the majority of your engagements being from mid-range out, the reflex (red dot) definitely helps.  There's also the question of which other attachment you'd use instead of a sight...the gun really doesn't need much else (fast mags sure, but other than that?).

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    I use primary gunfighter on all classes so I genreally run with Quickdraw/Stock/Xmags on my AN-94. I was a big fan of Stalker in MW3 so having that ability to strafe faster while ADSing is pretty much a must-have for me.


    Perks, I'll use Ghost/Cold Blooded and Dexterity usually.


    While it isn't an AK-47, it's close so I while generally use the RPG.


    That and some C4 always helps out.

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    all you need is a silencer.


    it works with whatever perks you like.


    add the grenade launcher if you like to be called a noobtuber.
    i love it.

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    AN- 94

    Select fire ( since first 2 rounds are fired faster this gives you an advantage on everyone with no recoil


    Quickdraw ( draw gun faster to win more gunfights



    Hardline or Ghost

    Scavenger or Toughness or Both of them ( better use both for better results)