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Easiest and quickest way to get Permanent/Pesistant Quick Revive.


After being told to do one by most my XBL friends when asking them to down themselves repeatedly for me to get it (Which is fair enough I wouldn't do it either lol) I decided to try a custom split screen game.


Start the match with two controllers killing all but one zombie.  I took both players outside ( this is optional but feel its best for the extra space) then leave controller 2 alone.


Allow the remaining zombie to down controller 2, wait for the zombie to move towards you then revive controller 2 and move away so that the zombie goes and attacks C2 again.


Repeat until you see the green flash, back out then you have it!


This I believe can take anywhere between 10-25 revives to work (I got it on the 15th revive) and now have it on Custom Games "Permanently"


I haven't tried it on public games yet but don't see why it wouldn't work.


I apologise if this has been mentioned before, but if not Enjoy!