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Good or Bad........ (Poll)

Before the first DLC arrives, what are your feelings about this game compaired to others in the COD family?  Is it good or bad?  Will this effect your future buying decisions for COD?

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    I say bad



    Games are mostly one sided
    Gun balancing doesn't feel right (personal opinion)
    Maps suck

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    of all the COD games I own, this is the only one that I have no plans of buying the DLC for...

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    In my own experience Cod4 and MW2 were the best of the lot to date. None of the Treyarch attempts at the game have worked out well for me, but thats just in my humble opinion. Im sure many people prefer the Treyarch games. I have found the two mentioned above have the best actual game play of any of them. I think the Kiss (keep it simple stupid) way of looking at things works well.


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    How many really close matches do you remember playing in Dom or any objective game you play? They're usually so lopsided that each game turns out the same, you lose by a lot, you win by a lot. The competition in my opinion is so much weaker in this game. I used to love those fun games, trying to eek out that victory, capture that last flag, get to B for the win. Now its as if you know you'll win or lost half way through the match.

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    as black ops was the first FPS i bought, (i came to gaming late) i will always have a soft spot for that game, it opened my eyes and i genuinely thought WHAT A GAME!!!!! i followed that up with MW3 which for me was terrible, however due to the prestige tokens it led me to buy COD4, WaW and MW2.  I prestiged in all of these to get the tokens, and although the games were hacked to death, i absolutely loved them.  Now for black ops 2.  I think this game is great apart from the lag, i get, i just hope this sorts itself out over time.  I do beleive this has the potential to be the best.

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    - Concept: great to awesome

    - Playability: So-So (better than MW3 for me, which was worse than Bo1)


    What I have learned: playability in the series seems to have gone into the toilet. It was bad in BO1 (as compared to the games before it), got terrible in MW3. I would have thought they would have done something to fix it for BO2... for me it is generally better, but nowhere how it could (and should) be.


    2 things are keeping from buying anything more for this game (and maybe any game again)

    1 - fixing the glitches (checkmark, it is happening)

    2 - improving the matchmaking this improving lag (although this is better for me than MW3, I am still getting put into lobbies I should not be... the other day: Germans... I am in Canada.)

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    Really bad .......The COD gaming scene is going in going in reverse......its steadly getting worse and worse as are connections get better how can this be......ffs...........More people use this forum that play the game i think.

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    my thoughts about COD:


    MW > WAW > MW2 > BO > MW3 > BO2.


    what is disturbing is that they come up with new idea that look great but somehow **** up the game play.


    MW2 introduced the option to pick killstreaks but seriously all the people camping for the higher killstreaks kinda destroyed objective play.



    BO seriously had some of the worst spawn points ever seen in a game.
    i eventually went back to MW2 so to get get used to MW3.


    MW3 introduced a great new system with streaks tied to custom classes and also the option to pick either support or assault. Great addition but why HCHQ got taken out of rotation beats me. Thropy system also killing the person who put it there was messed up lol. It also was the first time i ever noticed that being the host ***** up your experience in the worst way.


    BO2 new class build up is great but connection is at an all time worst, maps are seriously to small, ghost is crap, coldblooded perk doesent do what the description says, aim assist is way to high, respawns are still ****, HC mode even got dom stripped from it and why on earth are custom classes not linked to score streaks.