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DeRanked on Bo2 Multiplayer ( No offences at all )

I've done nothing to receive this, i've not boosted, hacked, cheated in any manor, nor do I have an offencive emblem, regardless I am level 1 after being 1st Pretige 34. Over 1 night, I come on the next day, and im back at 1. I have 1 day 4h played at level 4? and 308540 score? CMon .. I'd really like to have my rank restored, as this is really annoying, and will stop me from playing for a while, I can post proof, I had 5 custom classes at level 1, I have a level 12 callsign at level 4. Its unbeleiveable, and sad that this has happened, please help and/or fix this!


Edit: I am also DeRanked on Zombies aswell, if you want proof, leaderboards don't lie.


Gamertag: Sephisticate