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I think Hunter Killer Drone has a pattern

Have you noticed that the Hunter Drone always targets the person who almost got a high scorestreak or is the top player in the enemies team? My theory is that the Hunter Drone Scorestreak was designed to stop players doing well, its like a Deathstreak (stopping other player to do well) but you have to earn it. When i almost got a high Scorestreak and i only need 100-200 points to earn something good then the Hunter Drone waits till i go into the open to kill me. I highly doubt that my whole team is running Blindeye all the time.


Your thoughts?

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    I've never noticed because it seems random for me and my friends, but we usually get inside, or I destroy it with an emp grenade before it kills us.

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    run blind eye next time and then get your high streak going and see if it targets you. If not then nope. only targets those with out blind eye on. so because you did not have it on, it found you. and believe it or not a lot do use that perk just to hide from that score streak since it is fairly easy to get on many maps and playlists.


    I usually earn one with out even needing kills to get it because of using uav and getting the kills for it. my team usually gets me a hk for me most of the time.

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    Perhaps this stems back from the COD4 days - the Chopper killstreak always targeted the highest scoring player more than the rest of the team.


    And to think back then, there were no perks to hide from Killstreaks - just an RPG and a prayer!

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    Ya know this reminds me of teh ole sniperfrog.exe threads that used to go around. Claiming there was some code that was built in to cause the game to target the highest player and make them die or make their weapon not work correctly at a crucial moment in time causing them to die by enemy fire.

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    I don't know if that's true or not because the HK goes for me literally 85% of the time.  I do pretty well for myself in most games but I have some pretty bad ones as well.  My only chance is to use BE and even then I have the misfortune of getting killed by it from time to time either because a teamate runs near me or I'm guessing it just goes into a death dive after awhile of not finding anyone and always picks my direction to do it in.  I've even setup classes with BE and Flak Jacket because of it.

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      I am gonna test this today vs bots. I've noticed it when i was playing on open maps like Slums or Turbine and my whole team was running in the open but not me, i was in a safe area and the Hunter Drone is waiting till i go in the open to kill me. Why do the Drone not go after my other 5 teammates? i don't believe that all of them are running Blindeye all the time.


      Again, i am not complaining, i know the Hunter Drone can be countered easily with Blindeye, i just want to understand how some game mechanics work.

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    Yeah use blind eye to prevent being seen by HK's, use tac mask to prevent tactical equipment, and engineer to delay bb's and claymores.   Leaves a lot of class possibilities huh!

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    I am going to agree with you, the few classes I don't run blind eye it does seem like I take the Hunter Killer death when I am in the middle of me scorestreaks, but not really when I am a fresh spawn.  I am going to pay attention and see if this seems like a reoccuring pattern.

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    I dont think its targeting players close to a high scorestreak.


    I always use the low scorestreak, my idea behind it is that more low scorestreak per game is more helpfull to the team,  than seldom high scorestreak,


    And I get targeted by the Hunter killer drone anyway.


    I never use blindeye, but lightweight on all my classes.


    I hear the «bipbipbipbip» of the hunter killer drone going at me, and i run like hell toward cover. I may or may not get killed depending on my luck.



    I think you may notice more when it target or kill you when you are close to a high score streak the same way everytime people are late for work it seems like all the lights turn red right in front of you...

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    i never run blind eye and if im out in the open i get hit 99% of the time if im deep in a score streak or not. im not subscribing to this consipracy just yet.


    *squak squak squak*