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Is this a glitch?

Okay I only recently got the shotgun embelem in zombies and I didn't play for 1 day, so that meant I lost 1 tally. So I decided to start a match in custom games and get 1 kill for my 5th tally then I quit the game, when I came to the menu I was back to the skull with the knife through it's head and no blue eyes just 4 tally marks. I just played a game and got 400 kills and no downs, still no blue eyes or shotguns, I worked hard for those shotguns and I would really like an answer as to what is going on here.



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    It would help to post this and ask in the Zombies Subforum.

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    Its a system based on how much you play, not how well you play. This is just my opinion. I had the knife with blue eyes. I didnt play for about a month and when i logged back on, i was back to the crossbones(the two bones crossing). I'd just stop caring about the rank since it seems so pointless and they refuse to give any info about it. No offense to you

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    What is the point in ranking up in zombies if you don't play for a day it deranks you,so whats the point in trying to rank up.seems like a waste of time to me.