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M1216 Beastly!


I'm surprised I don't read more complaints about this gun.  I was dreading using it on my quest towards diamond Shotguns, and I must say I've been really impressed with it.  While it has very limited range, within that range I'm not sure there is another gun in the game that can beat it.  Why haven't we been hearing more whining about how it's OP? 

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    Because it's not OP.



    slap1i wrote:


    within that range I'm not sure there is another gun in the game that can beat it.



    Skorpion, MSMC, PDW, MP7, Remington all beat it fairly easily.

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    870 is better then the m1216 1v1. However since people are packed on top of each other like sardines in these sorry excuses for maps, the m1216 can kill multiples and is my preferred choice overall of shotgun.

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    M1216 with long barrel and laser sight. My favorite weapon in BO2



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    I'm an exclusive shotgun user. I have something like 11k kills with shotguns and the m1216 is the biggest disappointment in the game. The S12 is already annoying enough since I've literally gotten 10 hitmarkers on multiple occasions and not gotten the kill, if it was like the AA12 from mw3 I would agree that it was awesome, but it's terrible. Remove the rechamber and it might be worth it but I'll take any of the other 3 shotties anyday over this piece of hot garbage.

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    The m12 is not better than the 87.  It usually takes the 4 shots per chamber to get a kill or atleast you will shoot all 4 each time. then you have to switch chambers to get another kill. The time to change chamber is almost the exact same amount of time it takes to pump the 87.  Now you only get 4 chambers with the m12 but you can keep at least 8 rounds in the 87.  Plus on reload you only have to put as many shells as needed rather than the entire reload.  Not to mention the range factor the 87 is definetly better than the m12.

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    I'm also surprised there isn't more whinning about it, especially here !  The thing is a beast, I love all the shotguns but this one was the first to hit gold !

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    Probably the most fun gun I've used in the game so far fast paced, in their face type of gameplay got it gold quite easily except for the OHK

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    where can i get the shapeshifting perk? first your a giant and then next your smaller than a rat?