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Season Pass and SMG Question

My husband purchased the Season Pass on his account, but I haven't purchased it on mine. Now I know we will both be able to use the same new maps in the upcomming DLC, but will I be able to use the new SMG?


I ask because with the season pass I was not able to get the calling card. It makes me wonder if this will somehow work the same way?


Good grief I hope not. It's silly that someone would need to buy 2 season passes even though they play on the same xbox.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am in no means affliated with treyarch but i believe seeing as is part of the DLC and not an exclusive extra it is downloaded to the Xbox rather than the account meaning you should ahve it

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    If you and he are on different consoles the no you wont.


    If you and he play splitscreen on the same console he bought it on then most likely yes.


    You might not be able to play it on his console though if you are only signed in.


    You can always wait and see and if you like them and cant get the gun you can just buy the map pack for 1200 points.


    PS get two Xboxes. Things run a lot better for you. Except for sharing DLC.

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    Best I can say... I'll let you know.


    I got the season pass as a gift... so I'll have it on my XBOX and we'll see if it works for my boys.



    It has in the past... we'll see.

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    I would have to say if you are playing on the same console but on different accounts, as long as you are able to use the DLC maps the gun should be no different.  they will both be downloaded to the same console and not specifically to one account of the other

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    thank you all for the answers. I think what I'll do is wait and see what happens and hopefully it will work for the both of us.