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After a good bit of time playing the game, how do you feel about Scorestreaks?


I like the concept, reward offensive play. It sounds great on paper but there's some small problems that compound on each other. Note that this is not a complaint, I think this could be a great conversation point and look forward to your arguments for or against my points



1) Streak stacking

2) Low lethal Streaks
3) That guy
4) Terrible map design (Hijacked)



1) The other day I was playing some KC while finishing up my Bloodthirsties for the M1216. I got on a good rampage and earned my Lodestar, with that one single Lodestar I got 15 kills. When I came back to the game I not just earned my UAV solely piloting the Angle of Death, but I also was halfway to my Stealth Chopper. Add that to the fact that I had a 2 or 3 tags still left lying around after from my Lodestar I was merely a kill or so away from my second SC and just a few more tags from my second Reaper. I'll let you use your imagination on what happened next (Hint: I had 76 kills that game)



2) The Hunter Killer Drone is easily a garanteed kill on a bad day, and on average you can pick up 2 or even 3 kills depending on the map. Add that to the fact that it's simply ruthless when it comes down to finding a target, flying through windows and doors and even bending around corners to hit it's target, there's really no escaping it. Sad thing is, it's only 525 points. That's only a couple kills and an low scoring objective capture.


The Guardian in HC is a 3 second kill or at the very least an inevitable assist. Placed in a good spot you could pontentially bank points nearly all game. Hellstorm and Lightening Strike are 4 kills plus low scoring objective capture. The Sentry Gun targets through walls and has infinite range, placed in a convient spot you can ride those 25pt kills to an easy Stealth Chopper provided you put it to where you can get off/def medals (though not neccessary)



3) It's almost become routine that when a match starts are hit a high point and wait for that guy to come sprinting for me. Without fail every match I can be assured that there's going to be an easy kill or two on someone who thinks rushing me off the start is a good idea. Now I understand that those are earned kills and are no different than any other kill, but think about the point #2. That easy kills is basically like a handicap for the person who's aware of this phenomenon.



4) This is fairly lengthy, so bare with me on this.



Hijaced is prim example for this point because in DOM, CTF, and DEM the objective litterally rests inside the enemy spawn. This is important because of a two fold reason.



First, you can easily pick up offense and defense medals while constantly being engaged in battle. You're not doing anything outside how you would ordinarily play, but still taking advantage of the extra points for being within a vicinity. In any of these three game modes a kill while capturing is 200pts, a off/def medal is 25pts, and it doesn't take long to rack a high score under these conditions. As I said before, you're bascially getting a point boost just because of the map you're on



Part too is kind of the same but is a bigger problem. Spawnkilling on Hijacked particularly is a problem, even more so is the fact that you can spawnkill while standing within a few steps of the objective. The "B" bomb, "A" and "C" positions, as well as CTF flags are all perfectly set up to get capture kills while spawnkilling. Turning 50pt kills into 200pt kills depending on the scenario. Add that to the fact that spawntrapping makes getting kills with Lodestar a matter of how fast you can fire rockets racking up points is not an issue at all

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    dont like the scorestreaks in this game, dragonfire is one of the worst its not that easy to get yet other people might disagree but for players who are not that good and stay around the middle area of the scorestreaks they get a dragonfire and within a few bullets its shot down what a waste. in my opinion they should have kept the chopper gunner it was a great killstreak.

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    And that's why rage quitting is at an all time high.


    Its a race to the unbeatable VSAT and basically game-winning lodestar or swarm

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    There are more than a few things which could use a little tinkering, IMO:


    1. In addition to the point-milking system you mentioned on Hijacked, there are spots on some maps where you can pick up offense or defense medals without actually being within the capture range of the objective.  Another example from Hijacked is the downstairs engine room in Dom matches, and this also occurs if you kill an enemy in the tunnel underneath B-Dom on Meltdown.  Not as bad as the 200-point capture kills, but that's still an extra 25 points which shouldn't really be awarded.


    2. Several scorestreaks need adjustments.  The Lightning Strike is still too powerful for the amount of points needed to earn it & will almost always net you 3 or more kills (often 5 or 6 in Ground War matches).  The Dragonfire needs a buff to the amount of bullet damage it can take before being shot down.  And of course there's the ease in which a player can shoot down a VTOL with a single unguided RPG shot.


    As far as the HK Drones go, you must just be a lot better at using them than I am, because I averaged about 0.6 kills/use.


    3. Scoring in some game modes could use some reevaluation.  50 points/kill in TDM seems low, given that it's the only objective (and particularly given that tossing an EMP into a sniper's nest defended by two shocks and a betty is worth three times the amount of points you'd get for actually killing that sniper).  The awards for kills vs. confirms in KC has been done to death, and I tend to side with those who favor decreasing the gap between the two.  Capture kills in Dom should probably be 150 instead of 200, and this is coming from a guy who plays primarily Domination & is an unrelenting objective hog.


    4.  I honestly think there are too many scorestreaks available in BO2, and that's a big part of the score-stacking issues you mentioned above.  With so many streaks packed into a relatively small point range, it's far too easy to pick a baseline streak that you feel confident you can get to on a regular basis, and then just build off of that so you're practically guaranteed to earn your next two after calling in the first.  I mean, I'm a person who struggled to get to the attack helicopter in BO1, yet in this game I was regularly cycling through UAV/Lightning Strike/Sentry Gun before I stopped using the last two (maxed out their challenges); even now, I can earn a Stealth Chopper in most games & could probably pull Lodestars if I outfitted them.  With fewer streaks you'd have a greater separation between each of them, which in turn would make it more difficult for average (or worse) players to cycle through lethals every game, as well as increasing the difficulty for truly good players who can currently drop Swarms several times per session, if not per game.

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      I've been known to cycle my Lodestar twice, and I don't even have the VSAT unlocked yet this prestige. If I did, I can only imagine what it would be like.



      My HK luck has been decent, I don't really use it that often though anymore. I have far too much luck with Stealth Chopper and Co. I'm often do feel bad because of it.


      Not saying I'm crazy good, if the enemy can kill me just a few times and take me out of my rythm then I do average. If I can get those early kills in it's all downhill from there, that's how this game Streaks work IMO. Like said above, the first team to call in their goods wins

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    I know what your writing about G' and in certain game modes I've seen these overwhelming situations where everything is in the air and the enemy is falling left and right.


    Question: Is our choice of perks (aggressive) and not supportive the reason towards this?


    How many times do players bother to shot down that one first UAV that helps that player stack streaks? No one does (atleast) in GW ~ KC or DOM. Know one shoots down that UAV, no one bothers to eliminate the threat it posses.


    It all starts somewhere, what I've realized is the opposing team allowed it!

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    Bring back barebones,killstreaks are to high to get in this game if playing deathmatch or team deathmatch.


    They are ok for objective games because you have more ways to get points by doing the objective but for deathmatch there's not much that you can get points for.

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    I agree that scorestreaks sound good on paper, but the stacking of them is a bit of overkill.  I think it should be a simple set of scorestreak rewards per life - no stacking.  This would at least give a breather when you run into that guy on the opposing team that continually stacks streaks and your team is a bunch of randoms and people getting plopped into an unwinnable game because they are all leaving.


    In reality, there are several top end score streaks in this game that make the moabs and nukes of old seem like piddly lightning strikes.  It's pretty ridiculous considering how effective the top end streaks are.


    I'm fine with the player earning the top end streaks, but earning them with 15-20 kills by a LS, SWARM, VTOL, or DOGS, after their first few kills pretty much ends the game and everyone leaves.  Bad idea.

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    I had a player on my team (in HC KC with Hardline equipped) get a stealth chopper, warthog, and Dogs with 6 kills. All three of those great scorestreaks with SIX KILLS. Now, I'm not going to say it was easy to get, because I've tried and failed many times to get anything higher than a VSAT. I usually use UAV, Guardian (in HC) and up to the VSAT. That's where I top out. But six kills gave him 300 points. 5 confirms gives 500 pts. Destroying a Betty gets you 50 pts. 2 denied kills gets you 50 pts. That's 900 points. Plus teammates comfirming a few kills for you for 25 points. The stealth chopper is 880 points with Hardline. A few 25 point kills from the stealth chopper (I think) and teammates grabbing those tags while you sit back and maybe pick off a few enemies and collect a tag or two and you can get dogs or a swarm with 8 or 9 kills.


    Again, if it's SO easy then how come I can't do it? Well, I could I guess, just not often. Plus I never try because I cannot enjoy the game trying for high streaks and failing just short of the goal. I'm a low end streak kind of guy. But someone just a little better than me can do this easily. Plus, I don't think it's a problem, as I don't see it that often anyways.


    I do think that if you select dogs, then you cannot select swarm. Or if you select AGR, you cannot select the stealth chopper. Maybe split these streaks into groups like previous CODs?

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    Never been a fan of killstreaks or score streaks and never will be.  For me they detract from the game and in objective modes only encourage players to ignore the actual objective.  I accept a player deserves a reward for getting kills or hitting objectives without dying.  However, I think it should be a personal reward such as we had in MW3 via Specialist.  This way only the player who is doing well reaps the full benefit rather than the entire team.  I've had matches with players who have completely destroyed the enemy with constant high score streaks, all I had to do was stand and watch to collect an easy win.  Great for meaningless stats but not much fun.  I've also been on the receiving end of repeated Lodestars and VSat and all the team does is find cover and sit and wait for it to go away, again not much fun.

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    I wished they kept the Specialist option from MW3 in here (NO SUPPORT STREAKS). I really liked that change of pace as opposed to constantly whipping out predators/attack choppers/etc. I think the addition of the Specialist killstreak/scorestreak would've been really nice, if not better than what's in here now. Not a big fan of the scorestreaks myself. In MW3, I could manage to get some of the higher killstreaks now and then but in BO2 it almost seems impossible with the lag. I'm pretty much left with hellstorms/sentry guns/and lower scorestreaks. As with any scorestreak/killstreak, especially the higher ones, it just means more camping for your Lodestar and then letting your scorestreaks do all the work for you.

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    Is this thread about Scorestreaks (as a concept), or specific scorestreaks..


    Sorry not to troll, but I am confused so cannot comment appropriately...but here goes.


    In General (as a concept), I like it.  It rewards the obective player over the non-objective (in obj game modes + KC). They stack, but not to the level of 1 to 1 (like in IW games... I will never forgive them for the 7killnuke in MW2)


    I do agree that some are very power ful and maybe too easy to get (for the power they deliver).  In some game modes (like DOM) getting a missile strike gets you a lit. strike 100% of the time (if you did not already have it); getting a UAV often yields a HK (which can be very power as you described)... then poof you got you next streak if you went for low ones...


    So yeah some more thought could have been done on their placement, but all in all... I like scorestreaks (even if only in principal).

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      I doubt you'll find many people objecting to the principle, the execution though is poor. Low end Streaks are easily earned, high end Streaks are easily earned if you know how to work the system. Get a UAV ride an easy 100-150 UAV assist points plus the benefits the UAV actually gives you and it doesn't take much to build off that. That's no assisting objective play but rather assisting exploitation of objective play.



      So I guess this thread challenges the execution of Scorestreaks

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        k... wrt to the execution... yeah like I said, a bit more thought could have been done.  Hopefully someone is watching, and learning for the next go around...

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        And if all you do use is lower-end Scorestreaks (like I do since I tend to end up the losing end of lag compensation a majority of the time, so getting higher tier Scorestreaks is just a dream for me online ~_~), then you can easily cycle through those several times very easily. Like I use UAV -> Hunter Killer -> Counter UAV and, on a good connection day anyway, cycle through them 3+ times before dying.


        UAV -> Kills + Assists -> near-instant Hunter Killer -> toss *BOOM!* + UAV Assists + kills -> Counter UAV -> UAV AND Counter UAV Assists + kills -> UAV again -> repeat


        Red dots almost always on and enemy radar almost always jammed, thus making even those VSATs useless. x_x

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    In objective based game modes it is perfect, but in game modes with killing as the objective (TDM and FFA) Terrible implimentation.

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    I like the scorestreak system because it actually serves it's intended purpose, to reward objective play. However I do have some issues with the system and the streaks themselves. Most of what I think has been mentioned already but here is some of my opinions.

    1. RC-XD and HK drone. I honestly don't see why these were added apart from making someone rage. So many people complained about the RC-XD in Blops 1 so they brought it back but this time 3arc outdid themselves with the HK drone. These low streaks serve no purpose other than being low annoying streaks so noobs can get easy kills.

    2. Teammates stealing tags in KC. Atleast teammates are picking up tags now unlike MW3 but it now it often results in a race with your teammate to pick up your own tags. When you kill someone and instead of picking up the tag you earned and earning your 100 score instead your teammates get the 100 score and you are left with a pathetic 25 score reward. They need to decrease the amount if you confirm a teammates kill from 100 to 50 and increase the amount if a teammate confirms your kill from 25 to 50.