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NEED A CLAN !   [MW3] [PS3]


I'm looking for a clan.

I'm prestige 14 level 31.


Invite me for your clan or add me on PSN : Donitator.

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    Link to clan page:

    Message for details/invite:
    iTz--bLuE or SWKU

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    i would i will add u on ps3 PSN shadownite3 the clan is eKc=

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    APEX is recruiting

    We just like to have fun and win

    we promote tactics with an easy and relaxed atmosphere

    PSN: APEX_TGT Email: apextgt2@gmail.com


    Hello this is APEX_TGT, I'm in command and I have been leading the clan for almost a year now. That means I know how to run a clan.

    I known that the clan success depends on each individual player.

    If you have any personal questions please ask me.

    Clan links:



    Clan site

    clan HQ                                                      

    perks of joining:

    We run regular events and contests

    Clan website

    We run regular events and contests

    Having lots of fun!

    Active Community

    A Non-judgeful, friendly community

    Having lots of fun!

    Games we play:

    Red Dead Redemption

    Grand Theft Auto 4

    Modern Warfare 3


    The clan starter on RDR then went to GTA 4 and MW3.

    The only games we have plans to lay down roots in is GTA 5.

    I will take suggestions for games that we should play but keep in mind the games we do play now are my top priority.

    NOTE: Only PSN