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What are legit playing time for prestiege 8 9 10 master

As of last week im seeing more and more prestiege glitchers but this time their not max prestieges their prestiege 9 or 10 to reduce the likely hood of being report as were mostly reporting prestiege masters.SO what are legit playing times for the following prestieges?Ive been reporting prestiege masters with 3-5 days playing times especially in "clans" but now this glitch is spreading more.



Prestiege 8-



Prestiege 9-


Prestiege 10-


Master prestiege-



Im prestiege 9 with 10 days playing time but I dont play for "score"i mostly just play to earn scorestreaks so my playing time will be alot longer than most since im not after points that much.