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What can I do to remove a temporary ban?


My gamertag is Miss_Reaper89,

I split-screen Black Ops2 online multiplayer and have done since game was released. From the off-set it didn't like us both using same console, different sign in's and would kick me off. This could happen mid-game or in lobby's.

Yesterday and today I received a notice for probation. This states that Im on probation for 'leaving games too early'. I tried after receiving the notice and it worked fine, however this was between me and my boyfriend, not a group lobby. Now tonight during clan ops, i receive the notice again and due to my leadership with a clan, cannot participate. I am infuriated with Activision as it's not my fault the game set up the option to sign in as myself on split-screen but then kicks me out of games because I have!

I went on customer support and find it ridiculous that they do not have an e-mail, everytime i clicked my problem, it would tell me to read an article. This article does not state being temporarily banned for 'leaving games too early'.

I am aware of a phone number, but to be fair Activision, I've paid money for the game, for the internet and for my console and do not wish to pay money to be put on hold. As far as I'm aware I've already paid you too much that you're beginning to get lazy in your jobs!

I am sorry for being rude but you must understand how much of an annoyance this is, especially as my clan expect me to lead them.

Please sort this out ASAP


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    Dont expect support. I just sold mine back to Gamestop due to a lack of support with xbox freeze issues.  I feel the same way.  I cant even pay my rent and they got my $60.  I will NEVER give them another dime.  I've gotten a lot done today though.  Laundry, Vacuumed, went running, grocery shopping...


    Good luck.  Expect an hour wait if you decide to call Activision. 

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      HI BMHo,

      thanks for the reply, i decided not to call as i refuse to pay money to ring them on top of buying a game which has so many faults. If it weren't for my clan i'd give it up too. I went back on shortly after this and found the probation gone. If it happens again I will have to change my response as clearly Activision employees are busy in the Bahama's sunning it up with our money, laughing because we're struggling with their crap workman-ship.

      They hype the game up because they know a lot of people spend so much time on their games, and love the concept of callofduty yet the instant it's released you need to update because they must have rushed the job and left bugs, connection problems, the problems with ranks re-setting etc. If it's not the servers and connections, it's the players cheating. They say you can report it, and the player would be suspended, but I've never heard of that happening!

      Well done with getting your housework done, I think i'll be spending less time on it and more time in the real world.