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Counter UAV and EMP grenade spike

So recently I noticed a big spike in Counter UAV and EMP grenade usage or is it just me?


It's pretty annoying for me as I always go for higher streaks switching between either the loadstar or the swarm (depending on my mood) and with all the counter UAV's up its been pretty annoying but just sticking to my basic playing style I haven't been having much problems as I always avoid the middle, stay on the outskirts of the map and always going for that flank route if the map has one but its still pretty darn annoying still. Oh and so getting EMP grenaded when im on my big streak, I noticed players using EMPs way more than flashes/shocks/concussions now.. and its pretty gay because it causes you to freeze for a millisecond and stop from ads'ing and there's no counter for it as tactical mask is only for the other ones. I mean I can see why people use them as its quite handy and people can't do **** about it.


So is it just me or is players using the 2 of these more often now?