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field of view needs a buff

Seriously did they change the Field Of View From Previous Cods? Enemies Appear out Of Nowhere Cant See Anyone coming From The Sides! It Was Never Like This in Previous Games.

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    its not because of the feild of view, it is because the player model just appears. i've noticed this since game launch. say if you are in the middle building on standoff and looking twards hte gas station side entrance. a player will appear in the middle of the room before you can actually see them enter the room. thats just one example, but it is one that is noticable. depending on your connection/lag/comp/ ad nauseum. so it appears like they just come out of no where. around blind corners too. like the center section of express. look,run,dead. player was already there, but your view did not update fast enough. the only thing i have found to compensate is to slow down and think.

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      I know exactly what you mean.  I was in a TDM on Overflow and to start the game I spawn near the boat, so I run to the side room with the ladder and watch there for a few seconds and the split second I turn to my left I am killed by a guy who came up the ladder.  I was surprised because I didn't see him come up the ladder at ALL.  I even went back to theater mode and played it at 0.1x speed and STILL didn't see him at all.  So crazy.  I actually kind of agree with the OP here, I think the FOV is slightly different.

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    I personally don't notice a difference.


    It might be the fact that BO2 maps are smaller and there are TONS of difference pathways/flanking routes to take.

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    Actualy field of view is narow because you are closer to the gun than before

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    they need to give playes the option and be able to change it between 1 and 360 FOV

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    I will say that for like the first 4 months I played BOPS1 acidentally with a switch on my xbox component cable or setting wrong in my settings. About 2 feet was cropped off the sides of my screen on each side. Played on my kid xbox one day when it hit me, took me forever to figure out how to fix something simple too.

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    It's noticeably smaller than in previous titles and quite annoying.  But I suppose on the upside it makes sneaking up on enemies a whole lot easier.  I can't tell you the number of times that I've approached someone from the side and they had no idea I was there.

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    It is like my coaches told us when playing football....keep your head on a swivel.