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2 things treyarch..2 THINGS!


If it's a stealth chopper than why does it tell the enemy team that its incoming? Also why did you decrease the speed of the lightning strike? I thought it was called a lightning strike...the thing is so worthless now unless the enemy is grabbing a flag...put back the original speed! Why did you change it?

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    because 5 squeakers complained about the lightning strike. So they had to make it more "noob" friendly just like the rest of the game. which explains the stealth copper part too

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    i agree why would you name it stealth chopper if its not stealthty the enemy knows is coming and they shoot it down really fast

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    It is called a stealth chopper because it DOES NOT SHOW UP ON RADAR, and as for the lightning strike the time added was a whopping 750 MILLISECOND delay. That is literally just a hair longer than a blink of an eye.

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    The delay on the lightning strike isn't a big deal.


    I'm still getting triple/multi kills constantly with the lighting strike.

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    Before the adjustment to the lightning strike you'd be dead and afterwards you'd hear the warning "be advised, hostile lightning strike inbound".  That was ridiculous.  Even still, it's nearly impossible to get to cover once you hear that warning now.  It's it's a pretty low scorestreak that is very easy to get and the time delay hasn't changed that - I still regularly get 3-5 kills each time I call it in.   

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    the lightning strike is still great all you have to do is anticipate where the other players are heading that's why it's great for objective games.


    I agree that letting the other team know that a stealth chopper is incoming is stupid just like when it tells them that you have hacked their equipment unless the are using engineer it shouldn't let the know

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    the stealth chopper is not at all stealth, it shows up on radar! they announce it and it gets dropped in seconds its a complete waste of time but the thing i hate the most is the fart like sound they decided to use for its gun!  it blows, it shouldn't show up on the mini map and it should take longer to lock onto with guided launches to reflect its "Stealth" nature.


    i think this is a good example of a developer that speaks faster then he thinks, it sounds cool good onto the next thing, as opposed to ok this is an idea lets develop it and give it a name that befits its role and function.  a classic copy paste cop out from 3arc