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I like the offensive emblem ban.


People take the emblem's to far and try to hurt people which is not right.  I like how there banning people "PERMANETLY".  I like the CALL of DUTY's but I've always liked the Modern Warfare series better due to better campaign, No Emblem editor and it's not futureristic.  I really wish they'd ban all of them.ban

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    I agree.  Between the vulgar and the opressive emblems I don't even look to see who killed me any more.  I try to ignor them but last night I reported three:  One for an ass **** emblem and two douche bags who were sporting KKK  emblems.  Yes, i know it is a mature game but that crap popping up on my screen is B.S.

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      I agree. When players insist on having emblems with vulgar language and racial symbols etc....they (to me) are saying " please report me". Just because this game is rated M for mature does not mean we need to get act immature. A players emblem with a penis on it...? really? That is all you could come up with? lame.

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    I agree. Too many people take it too far. I am a bit morbid myself. But there is no reason to subject others to racist and vulgar crap. The emblems are meant for bragging and showing off your "art" talent. Not to be jack***.

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    i report them. "but, this is an adult game!". yes, so act like an adult. simple.

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      I agree with you there. The only people I know who would do some of these emblems are teenagers who are just looking for shock value in the first place. Offensive emblems just show how childist and ignorant you really are anyway. Show some class and you might actually get some likes on your emblem.

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      hahaha adult game i think there are more kids that play then adults do.  I am just amazed at how there is so me porn emblems... my son plays this game sometimes with me and i have to go throught and look to make sure hes not going to see something i need to explain.  if they put as much effort into a nice emblem instead of porn they would probably have some really nice emblems.  anyways theres no reason to report them because just like the hackers there still there.