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PS3 freezing?

For days now everytime I go to play BOPs2 I'm left looking at a black screen with 23.0.-1 in the top right hand corner and the station has froze and needs to be restarted which isn't doing it any good. Seems loads of ppl having the same problem and its definately not the consoles problem as all other games are working fine and not freezing the console. Ive tried all advice I've came across online and nothings fixed the problem and it seems Treyarch/Activision aren't in the least bit concerned but then again I suppose they've made their profits from sales already :-(

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    If you have a pre-order copy of the game try NOT installing the nuketown map,


    The week the game was released ....I saw the same screen for the first 4 days .....then the next 2 days i would freeze up before the game completely loaded to the menu screen  on day 7 i could get into multiplayer, but would lock up at the start of a game .....100% of the time .....then i got a 24hr server ban (some kind of ban) for quiting games early


    I tried everything to get online, but nothing worked .....until i deleted my game data utility file, re-installed and DID NOT install the nuketown map, it is possible it was a hotfix that corrected my problems....


    Hope you get it resolved soon

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    mine does it all the time wont even read the disc when i put it in same as black ops 1 every other game works fine

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    When it dose "Freeze" make sure before you turn the power off you try ejecting the game first. then a hard reset if it dose nothing.

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    I've tried running it without the nuketown on & still no joy. I had hours of fun playing since I bought it on the release day and reached prestige lv 2 & now this. Going into black ops withdrawl lol and for the record I dont camp! No fun in it.

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    My PS3 just started freezing again also. After the 1.04 patch things got better on the freezing issue but since last night it's frozen 4 times. Cold restarts are starting to make me very nervous about even playing this game.

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    I've tried restoring file system aswell and that doesnt fix the problem either. What I cant understand is how so many players who are having the same problem and are discussing it on forums and putting forward complaints via the correct channels are being ignored and no-one is trying to fix the problem.

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      +1 djlinz Mine freezes up about twice daily. Had Sony go thru everything with me and nothing wrong with the console. This game should have had lots more R&D before coming out for public play. You know when Avtivision has a phone support where you should actually be able to talk to someone, BUT for two weeks has been closed due to high volume of calls. So i guess if they know they are having a problem with a game. They close there phome lines. Supposed to be from 11am - 8pm but EVERYTIME i have tried and i mean within a sec, of them opening the lines supposedly they are already closed for the day and not taking calls. That is NO WAY to run a business. Took me days to finally get intouch with someone and that was after posting negativly about the problem here.

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    I can't believe this. I had no problems so far, i could play all days.


    I am now #150 on the ps3 leaderboards and suddenly this problem came around the corner


    I had to restart my PS3 because of lagg. Then suddenly the Trecharch logo comes twice, folowed by a black screen and in the right top 23.0.-1.


    Anyone got a fix?