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Will action ever be taken? (Boosters)

You cannot play a game on any game mode without coming across a booster. It is mathematically impossible at this point. If something, anything, is being done regarding boosters it is not being done fast enough or extreme enough. Sure we hear random stories of some unknown, unnamed player who's account was reset. I'll tell you what, none of these ghost stories have occured to anyone I;ve reported. And I've reported several hundreds of boosters at this point. It's even my emblem now.


I have boosters I added to my friends list I reported three weeks ago and they are still playing. At this point, thier stats are starting to balance out when it was glaringly obvious before. The window of opportunity for action is passing. How many game logs do you believe you will go back to discover cheating - which is what boosting is? Do you think Treyarch will go back through and entire day, or two, or three of gameplay to discover boosting?


This is ruining my interest in playing this game. It's disheartening to be faithfully playing your game to grind for feats others have cheated to achieve with no recourse.


"Report and move on". "Report and move on". After how many weeks of this are we to endure before we officially are fed-up with it? I've hit my limit and popped Skyrim and DCUO back in yesterday. It was glorious.


When you create a game whose rewards are the unlocks, trophies and ranks, then allow players to boost for it, you are encouraging cheating. How do you think legitimate players feel who don;t cheat? Do you think we will continue to play your game?


Enough of "report and move on"


Fix it!



a soon to be former faithful COD player


PS: The longer you take to fix it, the more legitimate players you risk losing by your inaction.