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What would people complain about if it weren't for lag, SMGs, and ghost being the way they are?

Disregard any opinions you have on lag, SMGs, and ghost. They are highly debated topics, but people will always complain about any perceived "imbalance" regardless of its actual magnitude. I'm interested to see what people think are the "lesser" issues of this game.


I would say some consider pistols to be OP, but in the pick 10 system where a secondary "costs" you I think their stregth is justified. I also think some would argue against the bland and generally small map design. I for one would like to see some more wide open maps like Wasteland, or even just bigger maps with long sightlines and lots of flanking routes like Quarry. Finally, something interesting I'm starting to notice is that Toughness is almost like the new Juggernaut. Nearly everyone runs it, I would consider it borderline OP, but I like to run it myself, so that would kinda be like complaining about Stopping Power in MW2. It takes away the advantage someone gets by getting the first shot off and kinda makes gunfights boil down to who can do the most damage the quickest. Kinda lame, IMO, as it takes a little bit of tactfullnes out of the game.