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Still can't figure out party matchmaking...


For me, COD is as much social as it is about the game. I enjoy the time with friends I have made over the years... but BO2 is making it a challenge because party matchmaking just doesn't work right.


It seems to find the first match based on the party leader's ping. A host is selected. The game is played Game ends... players leave... new players enter... and a host is selected.


How do people who join the game search?

Is it to the host's ping?

Is it anyone in the room?

Why does it always find a host in between games if the previous host stays?


However it works... it doesn't work well.


And is the biggest issue with this game.

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    I am flat out convinced it will fill rooms based on ping to anyone currently in the room...


    ... otherwise there is no need to look for a "best host".


    And the constant changing of hosts between matches makes it impossible for a room to remain stable and playable for any length of time.


    * Search based on party leader.

    * Fill rooms based on ping to host.

    * Quit changing host unless he leaves.


    Problem solved.

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    All I know from playing with parties often is that the game seems to pick the party leader as host most of the time.


    You could give party host to a player with a connection not suitable for hosting (i.e low bandwidth, high ping etc) and they'll still end up hosting for some odd reason.


    So if you're playing in a party, it's best to pick someone who has a suitable connection for hosting.