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is mw3 easy?

i think it is, i popped that sucker in and of course used the mp7 and went 33-10 every game that i went give and take some deaths and kills. is it me or bo2 takes more skill? what do you think?

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    I think it does. It seems to me that accuracy is more important in this game. I think, as well, there were a lot of ways to exploit and get kills on MW3 that aren't possible on this game.

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    I think its the better lag compensation.  MW3 has been fixed and plays well now.


    BO2 takes no skill other than shooting someone in the back, or the correct side of lag comp to win gunfights.


    At this point in time, MW3 takes much more skill because you have to actually win the gunfight, not just have 800ms faster response from the host.

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      I agree that mw3 made huge leaps in their lag. As far as harder or easier there will never be a way to tell until the lag is fixed for bo2. And right now its horrible so I'd rather play mw3.

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    Yes...is harder......at least in my opinion. .....you can shoot someone in the back

    but someone also gonna shoot you in the back....in here respawn is a mess...in mw3

    It was easy to kill and keep killing. ..in here ghost don't even work like in mw3...that none one

    Would now where you are...

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    MW3 is easier at this point because the experienced and good players playing it had now moved on to BO2. It's also easier because you can actually chain high powered killstreaks like Pred-Chopper-Reaper.