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These guns are overpowered!

Now that I have your attention, there are bound to be a million and one posts over the next few days with all the new christmas players adding their two scents to the pot so lets get this out of the way...


Things you are bound to say over the next few days.


SMG's are Overpowered

Shotguns are Overpowered

Snipers are overpowered.

LMG's are over powered

Bouncing Betties are overpowered

Shock charges also overpowered


Ghost sucks

Dead silence doens't matter

Awareness doesn't work


Let's focus on the part of this that everyone over looks though... the guns aren't over powered, the assault rifles need a buff but the other 4 types can't all be op.


BB's are strong but they have a delay just duck,


Sound whoring is "broken" switch your audio to "SuperCrunch" it makes the sound much better


Ghost works well you just can't play as defensively with it unfortunately


Shock charges do indeed suck..


Good luck, Have fun.

Merry christmas, Happy Hanukkha, Happy Kwanzaa or what ever particular festivity you partake in, if none then good for you!

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    I think it pretty balanced. Couple little tweaks here and there may be useful but not necessary.

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    Ghost sucks

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      Anyone who can't adapt to the new ghost just isn't open minded to how the change was for the better. I agree to disagree with you on this where I like the change. Promotes faster gameplay and rewards true rushing players. VS the old style that any jo-blow could slap on and have Bush wookee pro.

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        It was only OP before because it had so many abilities. Now it has one, but even that is nerfed. I'm fine with them making rushing easier, but the perk is flawed. I find myself being spotted just for stopping behind cover for a second to reload.


        But I was just joking in my original comment anyways. It's not as big of a deal to me, I'm usually moving anyways.

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      Naw, dawg. It's balanced now.

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    Call of Duty is over powered. Noob game that takes very little skill, and yet somehow... it's fun.

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    You will learn the tricks of the trade if you put in the time. Most of my friends play an hour or two a week and don´t care about either K/d or SPM but it is not for everybody. If you find it hard, just stick to MW3.


    Very few people I know have kept the K/d from the previous CoDs. I myself even dropped under the 1,0 line even for 1½ Prestige. Luckily this game have a lot more emphasis on SPM, with a high SPM you´ll get the high Scorestraks even if yout k/d is not all that great and once you start getting them you´ll soon be back on track.

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    Not another topic about this ...


    map size, CQC = smg destroy.


    cant get any simplier than that.

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      I use super crunch setting for the sound and use a regular headset. I hear the enemies just fine on my TV when using awareness. Is it possible people who have used Turtle Beach type headsets have permanent hearing damage?

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    Personally, I think that the AR's work pretty well.  I've already got the SMG's diamond and I've got 3 AR's gold with several more well on the way to gold.  I think that the problem that most people have with them is that they will get out gunned by an SMG or shotgun more often than not when you are close up.  But that is how it's supposed to work.  Even with the small maps I get a lot of work done with the AR's but I do have to alter my approach angles when using them from what I would do if I were using an SMG or shotgun.  I work to force my opponents into longer sightlines and just gun them down.  BO2 does force you to play more strategically than previous titles.  I know that I used to pick my gun attachments and never really changed them past that but in this title I will change them depending on the map and gamemode.  For instance, in DOM I hardly ever use Quickdraw/Dexterity but in FFA you almost have to use them because the action is always popping up suddenly.

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    wait? everything is overpowered exept the assault rifles? well buff the assault rifles

    and the game is balanced XD?

    these guns are underpowered btw:






    vector k10

    Skorpion EVO worst SMG < THIS GUN needs a really really  buff in damage and recoil


    What do you think guys/girls?

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      I hate using the Executioner or M1216 shotty (the rechambering effect has gotten me killed IDK how many times) but I do well with the others. BTW the scorpion is a beast and one of my favorite smgs. It can really throw out some led.