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Good Story (Sniping is a Skill)

So i believe. Sniping?QuickScoping is a Skill while others think anyone can pick it up and do it. So i offered a 1v1 earlier and recieved a PM about it (No names) wanting to prove to me anyone can do it...


His Stats = PDW Fav Gun 1.67 KD and 1.42 WL

My Stats = DSR Fav Gun   1.14 KD and .39 WL (woot woot!)


Rules: 2 games, first to 20 wins tie goes to person with most kills.

Game 1: I QS while he uses SMG

Game 2: He Qs while i use SMG


Guns: DSR w/ ext mag and FMJ (my choice) Vs. PDW w/ Laser and grip (His choice)

Perks:(His Choice)  Lightweight

                             Fast Hands

                             Det. and Ex Cond

No Secondary or equiptment: No radar


1st Game: (His host) = Me 20 - Him 13

2nd Game: (His host)= Me 20 - Him 6 (maybe 3 QS and 3 "hardscopes")

Total:                       = Me 40 - Him 18


3rd Game: (My host) Me 4 - Him 0..... left game


So i know im going to get "Oh that doesnt mean anything blah blah blah... i could do better Blah Blah Blah) but you know what he didnt snipe much ever and his stats are obvioulsy better than mine (tho i dont care) He should have been a fair candidate to test this theory that it DOES take skill to QS. he asked me for the 1v1 and well he has all the right to defend himself... but you know what, to me the CASE IS CLOSED!