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How does one become a "legit" prestige master?


Looking into how one actually becomes a prestige master. I cannot find the info on the subject. I see things like "prestige all guns" and "unlock everything", however I'm a legit 10th prestige level 55 and there's simply not enough tokens with all the classes also. My only option at this point "stat reset". Um no. Not that my stats are great but the time and efforrt to get there is not going to be a waste just to reset. So how do I get "Master Prestige"?

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    Easy. Make the following class:

    Perk 1: Lightweight + Flak Jacket

    Perk 2: Fast Hands

    Perk 3: Engineer

    Lethals: C4 + C4

    Tacticals: Blackhat + Blackhat

    Wildcards: Perk 1 Greed + Danger Class


    Next, go into Chaos Moshpit (Where Nuketown is) or go to Hardpoint if you don't have that. Run around the map the entire game killing people with the C4 when they're not close enough for you to knife them. Throw the C4 at them and kill them by double-tapping Square, not R2.


    Protip: When throwing the C4 while the enemy is facing you or when under-fire, aim the C4 in the air in their direction while simutaneously moving either left or right so they miss bullets until the C4 blows up on them.


    Play with 'ONLY' that class for 4 games in a row, and you will be Prestige Master by then or before then. You must also NOT go negative in any of those 4 games or you will have to start over. it is the final test; as a TRUE Master can kill more than he dies without using a gun.