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  • 50. Re: Bring back quick scoping!!

    Personally, I don't have an issue with the one-hit kills with snipers or the fact that in BO2, I rarely get hitmarker'd by a sniper rifle.


    However, I don't think snipers should act like shotguns at point blank range due to having a laser sight or that it has such a ridiculous ADS time to "glitchscope" against players using other weapon classes.


    If Treyarch considers that "balanced", give me a shotgun that can shoot across the map. (Being sarcastic here by the way)


    I like your ideas but I still feel the ADS time to scope in needs an increase so snipers don't act like shotguns at CQC. We now have decent secondary pistols and a Wildcard to give a sniper a secondary primary so there should be no reason to make snipers CQC weapon.

  • 51. Re: Bring back quick scoping!!

    I see you're point.

    And I agree mostly.


    The problem for me is that considered the maps a sniper needs a fast ADS.

    I agree shooting black scope is to fast but if you can't scope in fast the sniper rifle would be useless on most maps. This would be forcing people to play a perticular way and I do feel call of duty is meant to be played the way you as player feel the most comfortable with.

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    Sniper Rifles in no way shape or forum need fast ADS time, They should have the longest ADS time of any gun in the game by a long time.  If you know how to properly use a sniper rifle you should never even enter into close quarters.  Shotguns fulfill there role of dominating Close quarters regardless of the skill level of the user.  Sniper Rifles also dominate at long ranges in this game, if anything there lack of any recoil at all is crazy.  The sniper rifles in this game are the strongest I have ever seen in a game before, but they also can be used for quick scoping?  Quick scoping should have been patched out of the game the first time it ever happened.  Just like adding the laser sight should have never happened.  Promoting such low skill and gimmicky ways to play is just bad game design.  It is very easy to do amazing using the Sniper Rifles as they are intended. What is ruining the game is *** ass clans, that Tac insert by enemy spawns and quick scope from head glitch spots. I want quick scoping gone just for the sole reason that these ******* get what they deserve. Freedom in a FPS does not mean you can use a gun for all roles, that is never balanced or fair.  Freedom is having the guns available to deal with each situation, which they have provided.  You want to use a sniper rifle? Fine, but it should be worthless close range, you want to use a shotgun? fine but its useless long range. 

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    What? Quickscoping is still easy. Not as easy as in MW3, since you don't aim in as fast, but still.

    They should have made sniping like it was in Black Ops 1 again. Actual snipers sniped just fine. And the quickscopers... well, they looked like idiots. As they always have in MW games, spinning around like ballerinas.

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    You could always go play COD4,MW2 or MW3 if you want to QS. Just saying.

  • 55. Re: Bring back quick scoping!!

    I can still do it..I even managed to get Diamond Camo on my Sniper Rifles. I play the objective and I don't have an issue with them; they get the job done when needed.

  • 56. Re: Bring back quick scoping!!

    well I disagree.

    I like the fact I can QS.

    If you want more realism like you say about snipers then shotguns should be able 2 shoot a lot further.

    You say that shotguns are not ment to be used for long range and that's right.

    But the fact is they can shoot way further than this game implies.


    The fact that snipers were used properly in BO1 was great.

    The maps were made to use them that way, however with the map design of BO2 they would not be as flexible. On the other side using a sniper in black ops 1 with the variable scope QS was still pretty easy to do.


    That said, it's a game and I love the fact I can play it as I desire.

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    So you think with the size of these maps and the idotic revenge spawns, lack of player to player sounds or footsetps that snipers should sit some where away from the objectives and in this heavly enforced objective based game, not bashing you or anything or but you should at least do a little research and understand that COD is a twitch shooter game yes there are some aspects of it that can use a bit of adjusting but ofr the most part they have done there best to make it as balanced and fair for everyone as humanly possible.


    Stop the senseless complaining and try to remember its a game, made to have fun with any wepon of preference. Every series has the same set of people saying the same thing, try implimenting your idea of staying back there not going after the objective or being mobile in this game and see how fast you will get flanked revenge spawn killed with a smg in your face and then let me know if Qsing should still be taken out of this game.


    Everyone try to stop thinking about one self and be understand the game has evolved and change is sometimes good.

  • 58. Re: Bring back quick scoping!!

    Are you f****** kidding me?

    Quickscoping in this game is the easiest ever,and being a Quickscoper hater I really dislike it,I hate going on my streaks with my guns just to die from someone that quickscoped me,yet when I fully scope in and shoot someone,i get hitmarkers F Logic.

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    You hate when someone QS you when you are on a streak?

    Damn you must really hate shotgun users then.


    If you get hit markers while hardscoping you are doing it wrong.

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