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    Dam forum comments are more entertaining then the dam game lmfao, where's my dam popcorn at!

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    Christ all mighty, this is the probelm. My type? Coward? Do you read what you write before you hit that post button? This is an online gaming "chat line" and these flowers and butterfly stories needn't be on here. Do you want me to tuck you in for your nap? I can grab your favorite banky and turn on your favorite episode of Dora if that makes you feel better. Stop being such a ***** and get over it.

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    people are people... it sucks... just remember that:


    Mob/Group mentality and Anonymity and the best friends of the cowardly weak minded.


    People laugh at me all the time online, but when I walk down the street people move out of my way (even though I am in Canada.. baffles me... I may be a big scary looking man, but I am a teady bear!!!)

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    First I am not a kid Im in my mid twenties.Second my username is X-convict not because of anything to do with prison it has to do with when I was playing socom 2 for ps2 before playstation network excisted and you made your username before you played a game.There was a glitch where you could have any playstation "button"appear in your username so I used the x button and was thinking of words that start with the letter X,So I went with X button convict as it was a double entendre.And second as the mute option goes the mute all is not available in the game,only in the lobby and unless I mute people right away than we can still hear each other.SO thats the story behind my name.



    Thank you for the postive messages thou nice to know that some people are mature in this community

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    mute the meanies!

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    rlbl wrote:


    People laugh at me all the time online


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    When your in game in you hit select you can press x on every person talking and it will mute them. I usually mute everyone on my team so I can actually hear people moving and leave the other team unmuted so I can hear them rage when I kill them or if they are going to be coming after me. lol. Works great.

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    Some people are D!cks.

    You gotta keep on keepin on man and don't let idiots get you down.

    if you you ever want to play with someone that won't make fun of you just hit me up on PSN:

    ID: screamin-4orks


    keep you head up!

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    Don't let them get to you .. It's is not worth it .. Mute them and be done with it ..

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    Ahuh .. Just stay away from RLBL when he's hungry and everything will be alright ..