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black ops 2 leaderboards


boosters on the top 3 of the team deathmatch leader boards one player has 71 kills and 1 death using his split screen are we going to see the same on black ops 2 as we did on mw3??????????  [IMG]http://lookpic.com/O/i2/162/YjLYhjb0.jpeg[/IMG]

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    Where there are leaderboards, there are hackers.


    Sad but true.

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    If we take the time to report those players, i don't think we will. Report those illegitimate players using the in-game reporting system.


    Leaderboard -> Sort -> View Playercard -> Report Player




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      does the ingame report system really work? i reported alot of players that way on mw3 but they never got banned or reset and there still boosting

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      Sorry, but when my car is low on fuel I dont wait for someone to send me a report before going to the petrol station.


      The leaderboards are overloaded with boosters/cheats, it is blatantly obvious and the accounts should just be banned and cleared off the leaderboards.  It wont stop it, they will just set up new accounts and do the same again.  But legitimate players like myself didn't buy this game to spend all day reporting obvious boosters and cheats.  We expect the developers to take action where it is obvious without such reports.