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Latest Patch Ruined the Game for Me (long)

I don't expect that this will be everyone's experience, but for me the game is basically unenjoyable now.  It is a pure rage-fest.  I loved the game prior to the patch even with all of its flaws.  I have over 100 hours in the game and looked forward to playing, now I want to walk away from the title.  Yes, I wanted the "lag" fixed.  Yes, I thought SMGs were OP, but I was VERY HAPPY with the Matchmaking.


The Patch Notes posted here don't indicate that they changed Matchmaking, but they CLEARLY did.  I am now consistantly at the very bottom of every single Leaderboard in EVERY lobby that I join.  To the point of being ridiculous.  You would think that by shear coincidence that I would sometimes end up in the middle or near the top of a Leaderboard.  That used to be the case.  I used to end up somewhere in the middle 3rd of the leaderboard and I was very successful (by my standards) under these conditions.


It used to be that EVERYONE in the Lobby was +/- .25 on K/D and +/- 50 points on SPM.  This made for equitable games.  Now, there are at least 4 players in every lobby that are +100 pts on SPM, sometimes +150 points.  Think about that.  In TDM, that amounts to 10-15 more kills per game!  How the hell can they pair me up in a Lobby where there are 4 players that are going to average 10 more kills than me in a given game?!?


It might not be that bad if I were still in the middle 3rd of the Leaderboard, but I am almost always dead last.  Litterally every Lobby with no exaggeration.  When I paired up with a friend who has slightly lower stats than me last night, we were consistently the bottom 2 in EVERY Lobby and he was the Party lead.


To make matters worse, on top of screwing with the Matchmaking, the ruined the FAL and the 870.  By far my two favorite guns.  The FAL is unusable in Full Auto now.  The 870's range was ruined.  It already has the slowest cycle time and required that you not miss else you would surely be killed.  It's a shotgun, it's supposed to win the battles it was winning.  You're already at a disadvantage because you have to play the board in a way that you avoid any long distance engagements.  Also, it seems they slowed the cycle time (which was already bad), so forget about clearing a room.  You're lucky to get 1 guy in a room with multiples.


And the lag isn't fixed.  It's just less noticeable.  I still lose almost every head's up gun battle and am required to get all of my kills by flanking or shooting players in the back, and even then with the lousy hit detection, it's even money on whether the shot will miss (with a shotgun at close range of all things) and the player will turn around and kill me.


All of my stats have gone down as a result of playing for the last 2 days.  Prior to the patch, I was basically a 1.00 K/D and 1.0 Win%, 120 SCM player.  I know that's not very good, but now, I can barely break 1.0, where in reality I was playing at 1.25 K/D prior to the match and pulling my average up from what used to be a .75 K/D, .80 Win%, and 90 SCM.  Now, I think I'd be happy with those crappy numbers.


My last 24 matches:

  • 7-9
  • 5-12
  • 17-5 (only lobby I was not one of the bottom 2 players)
  • 8-14
  • 2-2
  • 9-11
  • 7-9
  • 11-13 (now what I consider a "good" match)
  • 5-14
  • 4-6
  • 3-12
  • 5-10
  • 6-6
  • 9-9
  • 11-11 (WOW a "great" run!  3 1.0's in a row! /sarcasm)
  • 11-13
  • 0-4 (game in progress)
  • 0-0 (game in progress
  • 4-9
  • 4-7
  • 8-3 (another Lobby I was in the middle 3rd)
  • 3-6
  • 0-4
  • 13-11 (A "great" match!)



And this wasn't even the worst stretch.  I'd love to take the time and go to theater and get the numbers for yesterday, because it was worse that this, if you can imagine!


I'm sure that there are players that are VERY happy with the changes because now they are being paired up with lesser players.

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    I feel your pain brother, but I hate to break it to you... most of us have been getting lobbys like this every since release. Try playing players no lower than 300-500 SPM Every single time. That's my hell.

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    From what I've seen in my lobbies, they widened the SPM range it will match you with from +/- 50 pts to around +/- 125 pts.  This gives the match making servers more people to put you in a lobby with so you can get a better connection.  The +/- 50 pt range was so narrow that, unless you happened to be right in the sweet spot of the bell curve of SPM universe, the system had to put together lobbies from all over the world just to get a simple TDM going.  It was terrible.  I've had people climb through windows I was looking directly at and kill me without me ever seeing them.  The only reason I knew what happened was the kill cam showed him doing it.  If not, I would have figured I was wall banged. They were trying to fix that problem.


    Now BO2 behaves (for me anyway) much more like all previous COD titles.  My bullets register.  People cannot kill me in the same frame they appear (or even before they appear). 

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    Ever since the patch the other morning and the addition of HC KC, I've had wonderful matches.


    It is hard to understand why there is such a discrepency between gamers on BO2.

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      Maybe the lobbies are finally correct and their extra advantage is gone now.

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        No,  I went from playing agaist those that were +/- 50pts, to playing agaist those that are +25 to +200, with a third of the players at least +100, with maybe one player who is -25 (but I am almost always the bottom player in the list).


        I could live with being thrown in some of these matches, but where is the balance?  Where are the lobbies where I am in the middle 3rd?  Forget about top 3rd, that's pie-in-the-sky dreaming.


        And you can't say that they don't exist or there aren't enough of them, I have been playing with those players since launch.

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      greencoffin72 wrote:


      Ever since the patch the other morning and the addition of HC KC, I've had wonderful matches.


      It is hard to understand why there is such a discrepency between gamers on BO2.

      if it works for you it must work for everyone else right

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    It just keeps getting worse.  Where used to have 1.0 K/D overall, but was essentially running at 1.25 leading up to the patch, in my last 17, I went 0.68 according to the Elite app. 


    My average kills have dropped by 3 and my deaths staying roughly the same.  My average score has dropped by over 300 points, which makes sense when you factor in the 3 fewer kills and as a result fewer killstreaks.  And my score per minute has tanked by almost 40 points!


    Can't stand the results of this patch and revised matchmaking!  I'm regularly matched up in lobbies where the closest SCM is +40 over mine, and that's just the next wose person.  I'm now seeing players with SCMs that are over +200 when compared to mine.


    I'm on my 3rd Prestige and I likely won't prestige again unless something changes.  It's just too painful a slog, now!


    Treyarch, please fix this fix!

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      I'm thinking the problem is that paries have figured out they can pub-stomp by doing this trick: have one terrible player host the party and *poof*- they're matched up with much weaker players. I've seen this firsthand with my wife and I. My SPM are in the 200's, hers are in the100's. Since we aren't great, I was having her host the party, else wise I was stuck in matches getting squashed. A hundred points makes a HUGE difference.


      Now that others have figured this "trick," out, we are in lobbies where party hosts have scores of 90 SPM, but the top of the leader board has guys in the 4-500's going 65-5 in matches.

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    Its just probably a bad day. See how you do tomorrow and then decide. I've had days where i wasn't doing as good as i normally would do too.

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    That's funny. I only had this problem pre patch. After the patch (and prestiging might I add), I am doing significantly better. I had a game where I was 41 and 20.

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    If I read the OP correctly, lag is not the issue. The issue seems to be having to face "better" players.


    You need to improve your spm. Don't be intimidated by the stats of other players. Just play the game. Do your best.


    The number one factor in performance should be lag. If the lobby is too laggy for your liking, leave. BTW - they ALL have lag. Some worse than others. If a lobby has too much lag for my tastes, I leave.


    But if the lag is minimal and honestly not deteriating my performance, then I keep changing classes until I find something that works. Once you get a class that works for you, stay with it. Make minor adjustments to it. In fact, set up two classes exactly alike except for one thing. Try the new thing. If it doesn't work, go back to the class that does work for you.


    You can improve your spm. The spm of other players is not a factor. I mean, if you're up against a clan, you're screwed. But if you're up against randoms, don't let the spm or kdr's affect you. Just play your best. You will improve.


    Besides all that, go to elite and look how many "good" high spm players back out when the match starts turning against them. you'd be surprised.

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      Lag is partially this issue.  It's not "having to play better players".  In every game since launch I've always played against better players.  I'm average to below average.  The problem is that post-patch I only play against MUCH better players.  I am now literally the worst player in almost every lobby I am in. 

      I've played since day 1.  I have 7500 kills and over 100 hours played.  This isn't a Learn2Play situation.  Not that I couldn't get better, everyone can.  It's about an uneven distribution in lobbies that is out of my favor 95% of the time.

      I know that it's hard to have empathy for a sucky player.  I'm not asking for an advantage over better players.  I simply want to play TDM against people that are near to me skill-wise.  This was the case prior to the patch.

      Imagine if I could tell you that this would be the results of your next 80+ games and would be the future of the game for you, would you keep playing?

      (All games since patch – sorry for all the numbers!):

      5/7, 5/7, 10/11, 4/8, 10/12, 9/6, (Prestiged), 0/7, 2/3, 2/13, 6/7, 0/6, 1/4, 2/11. 7/7, 10/8 (15 matches to go positive), 11/12, 10/15, 12/12, (won't load), 11/14, 9/14, 4/14, 1/2, 10/11, 5/8, 6/12, 1/7, 7/10, 7/8, 2/12, 10/7 (another ~15 matches to go positive), (won't load), 3/14, 5/14, 0/9, 6/13, 3/9, 7/8, 4/8, 3/11, 5/12, (won't load), 17/5 (only 11, this time), 8/14, (won't load), (won't load), 9/11, 7/9, 9/10, 5/14, 4/6, 3/12, (won't load),  5/10, 6/6, 11/11, 11/11, 11/3, 0/4, 4/9, 4/7, 8-3 (19 to go positive), 3/6, 13-11, (won’t load), 3/9, 5/9, 10/15, 6/8, (won’t load), 10/16, 6/11, 10/7 (4 positives in 11 matches, WOO-freakin’-HOO!), 5/9, 10/15, 6/8, (won’t load), 10/16, 6/11, 10/7 (7 matches), 5/8, 6/14, 2/8.d

      Would you stick around to go positive 9 times in 80+ matches!  Even if everyone of the matches that "won't load" in theater are postive K/Ds, then that woud only put me at 17 positives in over 80 matches!

      Let me ask this another way for those of you with no empathy, would you want this person on your team in TDM?  I'm only saying it is unfair to have me in lobbies where I have no chance - not some of the time (I can deal with that), I mean almost all of the time 90-95%.

      I am going to post the results of my 75+ matches prior to the patch to compare if that information is available to me in the theater to compare, if I can.

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        VOM: I totally know what you are saying.... I have kissed any chance of 30-9 matches like before patch good bye.... I cant even buy a positive match. If i dont shoot them in the back i have a 100% loss in gunfight... sometimes all shooting someone in the back does is wastes an entire clips and still get killed when they turn around...... hope they fix this K/D falls every match. Enjoyed the game till saturday, now been playing MW3 with friends who doesnt own BO2

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    Since the patch, I tried Hardcore Kill confirm. I'm not somebody who care to take a look at all the stats available, but I found myself being the best scoring player of my team often last night.


    Im from the east of the province of Quebec, and prior the patch, there was 1 maybe 2 french speaking or people from Quebec in the lobby.


    Now, I get paired with full lobby of frenchies! yay! Its so fun to be able to use french swear words and not have to explain the meaning every single time lol


    So, for me, it seem to did the exact opposite, or its because HC Kill confirm is a new mode and players still have to adapt? I played lots of Core Kill confirm at release date.

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    Playing in parties will often cause you to lag and if you are lagging, it's very difficult and sometimes impossible to do well.  I find that my friends can join my lobby without partying up and the lag is no where near as bad.  The patch did change some of the matchmaking (it's in the notes) to reduce server lag but that's about it.  It's been more evened out for me but that's not to say that others don't find it worse.  The gun changes were pretty minor for an experienced player but I'm sure that you'll adjust given some more time.  Most likely your biggest problem was lag.

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    So let me understand this...your post is complaining that they ditched the skill based matchmaking? Or lowered the weighting significantly? THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD BE.


    Latency, while they claimed it was the #1 factor, was clearly second fiddle to SPM pre patch. And I would rather play people with 5-10x my SPM than play another game where I'm half a second behind every person I see.


    Great work, Treyarch. I already awarded Vahn a gold star on Twitter.


    to the OP: i'm sorry you're not enjoying the game now. fortunately for YOU, there is a fix! GET BETTER! practice, learn the maps, communicate, PLAY WITH A PARTY. you can improve yourself, but the only way to correct the previously broken matchmaking was to patch it.

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      MJW: Not sure about your comment "get better" really fits.. I by no means am a pro, but nor should i be 0-6 in the first 6 gunfights with no hit markers either....

      But i do agree with "play with a party", I will be and the party leader will have a .40 K/D too.

      I am not trying to complain but i think the people that now enjoy the game post patch is the ones that hated it pre-patch. I underestand they widened the point spread on matchmaking, but i find it hard to believe that i cant get a match where im not the lowest in the lobby. I looked every match last night and was the bottom every single lobby(some was 200spm higher than me). can someone explain that?.. Im pretty sure im not a horrible player, i was enjoying +10 kills on average every match before the the patch. never had lag issues doing that time and now can get shot before i even round a corner and kill cam shows i was already around it.. my speed is 2.5m up, 2.5m down

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        that sounds accurate. you should try tinkering with the search preference. pre patch "best" was unplayable for me. post patch "normal" is amazing.


        post patch i still get lag killed by anyone who is 1-2 barring, but it's not as bad BECAUSE THEY TUNED IT a bit.


        there is no reason that 1-2 bar players should be in god mode like host on cod4.


        i'm not saying you're terrible or a pro, but do you think there is a chance you were enjoying a handicap pre patch because of the matchmaking / latency?


        i think it's important to point out that lag comp is here to stay and the way to make it playable is by tuning the matchmaking and doing the very best job we can to get in a game with well-connected players.

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      If they fixed the lag, that would be one thing, but lag + outclassed = unenjoyable.

      Matchmaking wasn't broken, the lag was.  They needed to fix the lag issues without undoing the matchmaking.  

      You: Doc, I broke my leg.

      Doc: We're going to have to cut off the leg.  The leg is the problem.

      You: Wait, what?  Why not just fix the leg.

      Doc: That will take to much time and there's no guarantee that it will heal properly, Removing the leg fixes the problem.

      You: Uh, OK?

      I'm not suddenly going to "get better" or Learn2Play after 100+ hours, 3 Prestiges, and 7500 kills.  I'm not talking about not wanting to play against better players.  In every match I've played, there's always been better players.  Now, they are ALL so much better than I, that I have no chance.

      Here are my K/D’s for the matches prior to the patch:

      10/12, 15/9, 6/10, 0/2, 0/1, (won’t load), 5/8, 12/11, (won’t load), 2/9, 12/3, 11/13, 6/13, 13/7, 6/13, 14/7, (won’t load), 11/5, 11/11, 12/5, 0/6, 17/16, 13/7, 11/15, 12/3, 12/8, 8/10, 11/7, 12/8, 16/8, 5/10, 13/6, 10/10, 10/13, 5/2, (won’t load), 12/10, 1/0, 11/8, 0/1, 9/12, 7/15, 4/10, 9/10, 5/4, 9/15, (won’t load), 5/8, 13/9, 17/10, 19/11, 13/13, 4/7, 1/7, 18/15, 18/8, 4/14, 8/14, 9/13, 8/7, 15/7, 9/14, 7/7, 9/15, 8/5, 4/15, 12/12, 4/17, 11/8, 7/12, 12/13, 4/13, 11/15, 15/13, 11/16, 30/16, 15/12, 15/11, 1/0, 11/9, 11/4, 16/14, 18/12, 13/12, 16/7, 19/6, (at this point the films stop loading)

      In the 23 matches prior to the patch I went positive 9 times, not 9 positives over 80 matches!

      There was a stretch where I went positive at least 11 times in a row, maybe more, again not 9 times over 80 matches!  

      Looking at the flip side, my worst stretch post-patch was 1 positive in 30 matches!!! – worst pre-patch was 1 positive in 8 matches.  Worst number of consecutive negatives – pre-patch 5 negatives in a row, post patch it was 18 negatives in a row!

      In 86 matches, positive 41 times.  This counts all of the “won’t loads” against me and odds are they were at least half in my favor.  As opposed to 9 positives in over 80 matche!.  Go ahead and tell me you’d find this enjoyable and would keep playing!

      I don’t have unrealistic expectations, my split was under 50/50 pre-patch, I'm now 90/10 against.  Not the MP experience I was looking for. I know I’m not a great player.  I suck, I get it.  I just want a chance to perform well and to enjoy playing the game.  Being a paper target for other players is not enjoyable!

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    So you can't run around the map 1 shot killing anything that moves....adapt.  The SG was ruining the game for most other players and was completely OP.


    The arguement of "it should win close quarters" is silly.  It's a video game, unless every single gun is pratically a one shot kill it's not "realistic" anyway.

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      I wasn't "running around the map 1 shot killing anything that moves". 


      FAL:  2200+ Kills

      MTAR: 1100+ Kills

      SCAR:  1000 Kills

      870:  650+ Kills

      PDW:  500+ Kills

      MP7: 300+


      So, that's 3400 AR kills vs 650 SG kills... and more SMG kills than SG kills.


      And SG's were not overpowered, the 870 has a lot of negatives to overcome.  You have to adapt you're playstyle to use the shotgun.  Missing means certain death, you have to learn to properly enter and control rooms, you have to learn to move around the map to minimize creating any long engagements, you have the slowest cycle time of any weapon. 


      We're not talking about an SMG user that can run around and simply mash the trigger and creep their crosshairs over to you while they spray the entire room with bullets and still get the kill.  I don't want to be forced into using SMGs just to have any chance at winning gunfights.

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    Its the same for me..

    Think your Answer can be found here:


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    At least you can play the game, it lags so bad that I can't even move from my spawn.


    (It isn't my connection, I always have 4 bars)

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    welcome to my world that i've experienced since the game came out. surprisingly the lag has been good to me the past week so i would say that the patch is a blessing. I feel your pain though. My KD and win ratio has always been over 2.0 in every cod in the last 5 years. It is now 1.50. SMH.

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    Maybe you just suck?

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    it feels like I'm back to square one now just when I was starting to enjoy the game lag is terrible again and I can't seem to win a 1v1 gun fight even if I've got the drop on them first

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      If they took away the skill base match making you should be getting in lobbies with closer players.  By closer I mean players with close ping times.  So, if you are still seeing lag i would check your connection.  Do you live outside a major city?  If you live father out in the country that would explain the quality of lobbies you are finding.

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    feel your pain dude. they need to remove this skill based match making or whatever the hell it is. ill join a lobby, join a team, and ill be the only one who does well on my team. for example, in one game i went 25-17 while all my teammates couldnt break 10; the enemies all averaged 20 kills with a 1.0+ KD. its frusterating playing with a group knowing that im gonna lose. in previous CODs i could average 2 KDs; in this game im lucky to break 1.5 now.

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    I am in complete agreement with the original poster as well as the majority of replies. I am the first one to admit that I am not very good but can sometimes hold my own. I was actually enjoying this game up until the patch. My expectations are not to be at the top of the scoring every match. Going from 15/5 or 13/6 with a decent scorestreak award thrown in there to consistent 5/10 or 10/11 over the weekend has been quite frustrating.


    I cannot tell you the amount of quickscopers that I have been matched up against over the weekend as well. I actually said to myself a few times- "Heck with it, I am going to camp in this corner. No sense on running around."

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    same here,  this game is very bad after the last update, i cant kill anybody now and die with a couple of bullets to the foot,if something isnt done soon i will be trading it in for Far Cry 3!

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    This lastest patch is garbage.......... from the hitboxs being jaked Way up to probation cause the severs crashes or too many HM's then I gotta wait to get back in a game? BOOOOOOO SIr's Boooo

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    Going 8-15 against equal or lesser players sucks, but that is what I get with a bad connection.  I would much rather go 8-15 against better players.  If the really did a fix that matches up players based on ping and the game suddenly becomes playable, well to me that is a good thing.

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    From your scores I assume that you have to be playing TDM. 


    1) Play a different gametype.  The spawns on the small maps are poor at best, when you add to the equation that people are flying all over the map you are going to have many unnecessary deaths because you are going to get killed by people spawning behind you.


    2) Play with a team or find a team to play with.  This will improve your matches 100%.  UAV or no UAV you will know where people are.


    3) Slow your game down.  Don't get caught up in the run and gun tatics that so many of the 12 year olds find fun.  Are you going to lose to them when they fly by on occassion?  Yes, but if you can find the right spots you can pick them off and put yourself at an advantage.


    4) Don't worry about the leaderboard.  I could care less who I am playing aginst so long as the connection is good.  Play your game and use your strengths. 


    5) Experiment - Have different classes and use them to adapt in game. 


    If you are not here complaining about the connection issues than consider yourself lucky.  I would love to be able to play a session and not have to deal with 1-3 players that are 1-2 seconds ahead of me.


    Skill problems can be addressed but lag is something that you can't control. 

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      Thanks for the suggestions, I understand and apply all of what you have written in one form or another.


      1) I have tried other game types and dislike them all because I have found that so many people don't play the objective of objective games.  I also don't like Hardcore because it is a camp-fest. Granted I played Domination with some players that know how to play the objective and it was great.  If I could play with those guys, I would play it all the time.


      2) Agreed, but most of my IRL friends are on PSN and I'm Xbox.  I have one friend that I consistently play with, but he is in the SAME EXACT BOAT AS I AM.  I play with other players from online as well, but I do not play with an organized team.  I'm not really motivated to join a clan or play on anyone else's schedule.  I know that my gameplay suffers as a result, but the night and day differences pre- vs. post-patch are beyond the pale.


      3) Look at my Kills and Deaths, I already play a "slow" game.  Yes, there are games I go 12/13, but I generally don't play the fast-n-furious style that many players seem to play.  I averaged 10/10, which represents 20/150 , which is only about 12% of potential deaths in TDM, hardly a 10/25 player.


      4) I dont really care about the leaderboard itself.  I care about the disparity in 95% of the lobbies that I'm being put in now.  I should be just as likely to be at the top of the list one game as I am at the bottom of the list another as well as every position in between.  Put another way, I should have a 33% chance of being at the bottom 1/3 of the board, 33% chance to be in the middle 1/3 of the board, and 33% chance of being in the top 1/3 of the board.  Hell, I'll settle for a 50% chance in being in the top 1/2 and 50% to be in the bottom 1/2.  But that is no longer the case.  I am almost always the worst player in the lobby 95% of the time - with no exaggeration.  This plus lag is the problem.  Not only aren't my shots registering, but now I am paired up against players that are ALL MUCH better than I am -- not some -- but ALL.  Give me 4 or 5 people that are equivalent to me and I'll deal with the fact that the other 6 are better than me.  I would sign up for that right now.


      5) I have been experimenting with various guns, loadouts, and playstyles, including combat knife only, which quite frankly yields me nearly the same poor K/D, but is much more satisfying knowing that I am ticking off other players and I expect to lose all of my engagements so every kill is that much more satisfying.  Now, I prestiged again, so I have to work my way back to some weapons that I haven't used in the past to see if they yield better results.


      I would defy you to keep playing if you only went positive 1 out of 10 matches and 2 days of playing had significant negative effects on the results of the prior 30 days of playing, with no end in sight.  Really, I would.