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looking for competitive ps3 clan to hone my skills in different playlists.

I play with a group of friends right now that only play TDM. I was hoping to join a group that has experience in other areas. I'm in the US eastern time. I really don't want to join a large clan I would rather join a smaller group of people that I could bond with. Also, I wouldnt mind playing clan battles in the future. I'm 32 y/o so I would rather play with older people 21+ if possible. I just don;t want to be in a clan that screams on the mic and constantly talks trash (Thats just not me, sorry).


My stats:


PSN: Professor-_-K

K/D 1.58

Win %: 60%

kills: 10,500+

Most hours played are on TDM (which I hope to switch)


Let me know if anyone is interested