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Unfair matchmaking

Have you ever been placed on a team with people around level 10-20 while the other team has prestiege level 40-50?

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    almost every match, yup.


    this game is a mess when it comes to matchmaking, clan abuse the skill based matchmaking by making a low level player the party leader and treyarch does nothing about it.


    yes the matchmaking is broken.

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    Forget their level.  When you are in a lobby look at the leaderboard and look at their SCM and K/D stats and see if they are in line with yours.  I'm Prestige 3 Level 24, and I'm not that good.  So, it's more about your ratios than it is your level.  You're always going to be at a disadvantage when it comes to map knowledge at the start.  Take the time to look at the kill cams and figure out how people are killing you.  I've learned more about how to play the map from watching the killcams and using theater mode than anything else.