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Interested in a Ps3 clan

Hey all,


I am interested in joining a clan, but am a total noob to it. Ive never played in a clan before, so this is towards those who are open minded towards that.

I'd prefer to be in one that does at least require people with at least 1.00+ k/d. My mw3 is the only kd that isn't at least 1+, but that's because of me trying to finish matches with noobs and not rage quiting all the time. Anywho, im 26 with a life.. so i can't dedicate all of my time towards this game, so please understand that. I live in the US in ohio, so take that into consideration towards connections and availability.


If anything, im also interested in just expanding my friend's list

My PSN ID is: JxRx420   feel free to add with something in the message like "COD team" or something of that nature..lol

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    If you like Bacon, CoD, and no squeakers then come check out the Bacon Chili Cheese community. We are a laid back group that only requires maturity. We have members ranging from 20 to over 40 years old so no need to worry about squeakers in your party. We are also a coast to coast community so it is not hard to get a game started. We have an ELITE clan for our more competetive players and we have recently started a GameBattles team. So if you like what you've just read visit our website and fill out an application.


    Website: www.bcc.x10.bz

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    Thanks guys,  I will definitely check you guys out

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      Get Ready to kill and win some games by joining the DAYM clan!


      We'll keep you updated everyday about what's going on with the clan, which we think will be growing fast and we'll make sure to have the best results possible in the Clan Ops and challenges.


      We're here to have fun, win matches, get better and most important of all, win matches (mentionned that before right, o well, we better win!)


      Enroll Now and be sure to join us on Elite as well!




      Tell us who you are once you've joined the DAYM clan so others get to know who they're playing with!




      See you on PSN!



      That's my copy-paste message, on another note, i like working with people that are on first experiences, id rather have fun and enjoy getting better then getting insulted haha! c ya soon!

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    Try out my clan.

    New clan doesnt matter what your kd is as long you can work with a team (:



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    We are a new clan that started a week ago and already have 19 members and growing! We are level 5.


    We compete in all clan ops and challenges. Our members play all game types so there's usually someone to play with.


    We are now looking for members that have a kdr over 1.00 and play regularly. We want members that will contribute to clan ops and challenges and also help growing the clan. We keep you up to date daily on any new ops or challenges.


    If you want to be apart this you can apply this link https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/4753905

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    Thanks guys,  I appreciate it,  I will check you all out

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      If any of the above clans haven't caught your eye, then come check us out at ai-hq.com mate. We have many members game everyday and have a good active forum, we're almost like a family at this stage . Never been in a clan? It's easy, lol. Anyway, cheers!