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1.48 Looking for Clan. Xbox. Adult.

Im decent, love playing dom, dem, and other games similiar. Love playing on a team with good cooperation.  Looking for active clan.  Tag.  Twiz76

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    Hey if you are still looking for a clan then you should come check out the Bacon Chili Cheese community. We are a multi-platforming community of adults who like to play CoD with some friends. We have members ranging from 20 to over 40 years old, so no need to worry about squeakers in the party. We are a laid back, no drama group with a competive side. We currently have an ELITE clan for our members who like to play a bit more competetively. Mainly play objective games, such as Domination, Demolition, etc. So if you think this sounds right stop on by our website and fill out an application.


    Website: www.bcc.x10.bz

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    also check out Wicked Nasty.  Only a few of us, all laid back, just chill out and play some COD.  Always looking to go for the win though.  add me at T Nicks if your interested

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    Check us out mate and let me know if you need any more info


    UK-Legends is a uk based Xbox Gaming community.


    Recruiting now for like minded clan members to play COD (We are actively trying to expand the clan to compete on black ops 2)   




    Working mic and able to communicate with others. 

    18+ years old

    Must be in the uk 

    Access to Facebook (Clan matches/news will be posted on our page)



    Please feel free to join us if you want to have fun whilst making friends. contact Marlow7322, stripiestswine9 or slippers1209 for more info.



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    www.crimson-ravens.com join us today... Check out the site and if you like what you see join while your there. Heres a video that what tell you everything about the clan enjoy and hope to hear from you.



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    Pants on Fire is always looking for new members! We play for fun first, but we are always playing to win, We play all game types (except, not a lot of zombies yet), depending on who is playing, what their strength games are, and what the room feels like playing when we get there.  We play a lot of dom and search lately, a few of us are into the party games. Some members stick to mostly TDM, but you'll usually find someone in the clan to team up with or break away with for any game type.


    We are mostly adults, some of us have kids, and it's OK to mute or be muted if there are kids running around in the background. NO K/D requirements and our only rules are no annoying kids and no racists. We currently have members in the UK, Canada, American, and Ireland.


    Personally, I have not played a lot of DEM but I'll jump on and play some with you if you'd like to get some games in with me and /  or some other members. XBL tag: Prof3ssorPants


    Once clan ops starts, we plan on organizing around them as much as we can.  However, since most of us are adults and our schedules aren't always optimum for ops, we won't hold it against you for not making them. We just ask you participate with us on  some level to advance the clan as those options become available.


    Search for us on Elite: Pants on Fire

    or accept the invite I just sent you

    or look me up for some games on XBL