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I don't know if it's just me but the spawning in Black Ops 2 is a joke, especially in the map Hijacked. I get killed and I'm immediately killed after spawning because enemies are literally waiting for me to respawn.


Is it just me or is it happening to other people? This needs to be fixed.

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    It's a known issue which was supposedly addressed in patch 1.04, but is still a problem.  Hijacked in particular is tough because the map has so little playable area in it; I think that whatever they do we'll still see a lot of spawn killing going on there.

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    They should do the respawning like a hellstorm missile where you fall from the sky and pick where you will land.

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    I kind of like getting spawn killed. It saves me the trouble of running aroung empting clips into people only to get hipfire killed with two shots.

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    The spawns really buggered me on Carrier on Domination. For some reason, they started spawning next to our C when they had B.