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    i cannot believe that hardcore FFA has been removed...this is the only game mode i have ever played on any call of duty...i was piss-tt off when MW3 launched and it did not have hardcore FFA then they add it anf that game just sucked all together...ive been waiting all year for black ops 2 seeing how the 1st black ops was my favorite call of duty (until blk ops 2) i at one point i had a 3rd overall world rank in hardcore FFA...i love this game mode...i dont think its fair that if i want to play this game i have to join rooms where i lose because of the peroformance of other palyers...hardcore FFA should not be booted just because not enough people play it...i dont care if we are the minority group we are the most skilled COD players...any douche bag can join a core game mode and camp your way to your score streaks...i have never been on any forum period but i have made this account to take a stand for my game mode...the only game i currently own is black ops 2 and they only game mode i want to play is hardcore FFA...just today at work i was thinking i cant wait to get home load my bowl and kick some ass without being put on a losing team with a 9 year old kid spamming his mic as he goes 2 for 35 in domination with not captures...i know im not alone when i say this is not fair and is total BS!!!!!....no matter how small of a chunk of COD we are we we're here and we deserve our game...i hope you will see how upset somer people really are and take care of this in a timley manner before you lose fans...i have bought every game you have put on the shelf for hardcore FFA and if your not going to put ot on your games i should be pre warned before I PREORDER and stand in the freezing as s cold weather in CO to get it...thank you for reading my nasty gram to the forum but i want what i paid for and have been paying for for the last 6 years!!!

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    Right on homie! I'm from Colorado too and hell yeah it gets cold! thank you for creating an account just to show your support for HCFFA this is also my first time really posting in a forum and I've been on here pist-off ever since the update came out. I tried playing a game of core FFA and got sick to my stomach! Having to empty your whole clip into somebody is not real and not fun! and being on a team where nobody seems to care if you win or a team full of kids who want to whine is not fun either.

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    HC FFA was always the least populated of the HC game types so it was always vulnerable to being removed.


    That being said, I'm surprised that 3arc have only implemented 4 slots for the HC gaming community. I mean come on 3arc. We as the HC community only deserve a choice of 4 different game types whilst the core community get how many? I appreciate the HC community is smaller but surely we should be given some more choice!


    On a personal level I'd love to see HC domination come back or even HC HQ (as long as it's the original Black Ops version not that awful version in MW3) make an appearance. HC bombs, I know this was pulled from the original Black Ops due to complaints but I really enjoyed playing different game types that we normally don't get to experience in HC.


    Just my thoughts on 3arc and their contempt or lack of support for the HC community!

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    i feel u but people dont buy copie of a tv show worrying about stuff being messed with if im tol i can have a game that has all this meterial in it then id expect it to be there and always be there, as for my metaphor it is my board game since i bought it ? it hasnt even been out long enough to make such drastic changes yaknow?  im not buying a cable provider i bought a game to play online and zombies blah blah... make it so people can choose what they dont wanna play indavidualy i mean u have more say on a ipod? it wouldnt be that hard to change settings but either way HCFFA was badass and they need to bring it back if people hate it for reasons then maybe they should of just fixed it to be more likeble i mean make it so no one can see your cam, thats prob why not alot of people play is that and for the fact they cant camp as easily in sum maps like they do in core.. core is a bunch of campers and kids... and unrealistic damage... so i dont even play core anymore because of that, why not make a server deticated to young adults and up? make a server change and all your overloads will be fixed seperate mature from the rest or pro and average joe catergories of all same modes just different settings no voteting off unless they want it off there copy.. makes sence to me

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    Wow this is horrible.. I was like, what happened to HC FFA? 10 seconds later.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO




    HC KC is cool and all and its a keeper, but when I have nobody to play with I hop on HC FFA.


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    I have made an account here for the SOLE PURPOSE of voicing my opinion that treyarch just RUINED  black ops 2 by removing hard core free for all. It is trash to me now. I hate team play, and I hate having to use an entire clip to kill someone. I only play hard core free for all, it's gone, and now the game is worthless to me. I bought the game ONLY TO PLAY THIS. I WANT MY DAMNED MONEY BACK.

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    I would feel the same way if they removed domination. It's my mode and I love it. Here's to hoping you get your FFA back.


    This is, consequently, why you should NEVER purchase another DLC fromt hem again. You have absolutely no guarantee that what you pay for will be there day to day after the nuketwon 24/7 removal and now FFA. This is like thinkign a furniture maker can sell you a couch with cushions and then show up at your door one day and say "naw, you don't get these nor a refund. Have a nice day."

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    HC FFA was about the only game i liked to play ! without it the game is no longer something i want

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      I went through the process of making an acount just to voice my anger at this, and i truely hate making acounts. HCFFA was the only game mode i enjoyed playing. Its the only realistic game mode in their. You get shot...you die! , Someone fires a gun...you only hear it and have to find them. I honestly dont know what to do now. I have been obsesed to the point of OCD with that game mode


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