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Snipers, Sniper Only Looby


I am really starting to hate people who use snipers, and i think they should make a sniper only lobby for them,

i mean time after time i get full teams with everyone using a sniper yet they never try to win the game, but yet they all seem to play objective game modes,

i can not tell you how many games i have lost due to my teams mate sat next to a tree (drone) or in a door way (raid) and not trying to win a game, but once the other team as us trapped (by capping B on domo) all these world class snipers seem to back out and leave me on my own still trying to win a game,


if you are one of these people that uses a sniper here is a very good idea go play free for all, or team death match, where you can sit some place and sniper all day without making your team lose,


and i think they should be also a sniper lobby where they can just between some custom sniper classes and make it most pit