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Hijacked.....or just JACKED !!!


At launch week ??? The map HIJACKED was really fun, and really fast. I enjoyed it alot.

       This week has been getting on my nerves......i know i know, threads everywhere bout how it sucked.......But i never experienced what other had been describing.

Spawns ? yea its gunna have spawns like that in a boat sized map. But holy cow, right next to you ? Or they kill you and BAM....right next to the same guy for a revenge tag.......

       Ive ignored this map as much as i could the last few days. Only playin it a couple times due to i was throw in a game halfway done so i said to myself FUX it !!!!!

I was still ass raped !!! My kd that game was "LOL" I swear thats what it said


Somethings gotta give on this one.....Rust wasnt even this bad