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Calling out 2 jerks


Called in a care package and retreated to a safe spot.  2 teammates saw me do this.  One immediately blocked my exit, the other waited until the package landed and stole it.  As soon as jerk #2 stole my package jerk #1 let me go.


These 2 douchebags of the year are [<3]x_OpTiiC_KiiLa_x and [YUMM]soccerbeastndc.  Haha dirtbags, I have theater on and know how to use it.


Take my word for it, these douchbags knew exactly what they were doing.  Optic was doing the blocking, he kept turning around to ensure I was trapped.


I'm naming names, everyone watch out for these a-holes and, if they're on your team, quit the game.