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(PS3) [DMND]DIAMOND. RECRUITING ALL TYPES OF PLAYERS!!!!LOOKING TO PLAY SERIOUS AND HAVE FUN. CLAN BATTLES MULTIPLAYERS AND YOUTUBE eventually if we get enough ppl. Also starting inner clan elite teams join now to try out for any type of gun elite team


(BO2)Whats up guys. I recently decided to create an all types of players clan for black ops 2. We play any game mode and except anyone. We prefer you have a mic and have a call of duuty elite. Just so you do know we are a brand new clan as of 3 days ago and already have    20 + and addingmembers. Now i am looking for recruiters. For generals who run each gameplay that ppl like so a part of the clan can always play together in game modes they enjoy. Until we get to this point we are going to be a close knit clan. I will almost always be online daily or a co leader will. Speakin of which we also need 2 -4 more co leaders of course that will try out for that position. Other than that there is no real specifications for joining. We have an elite page and a facebook page. We will also try to communicate clan battles or online status Through facebook.If you are interested in joining add Zoobee5. Or reply to this or private message me if you are interested in a general or co leader spot. Thank you. Also All though there maybe a big future through getting bigger we want to get to know each and every person and stay a close successful clan that always plays together. Also our facebook page is:http://m.facebook.com/DiamondClanDMNDCOD?ref=m_notif&notif_t=feed_comment&__user =1396306632&soft=jewel%3D2#!/DiamondClanDMNDCOD?ref=m_notif&notif_t=feed_comment &__user=1396306632 go like it and apply for our clan.

And our elite clan page is called [DMND]DIAMONDpsn


Goo apply

Also try out for our elite teams. We will be posting youtube videos most likely by the end of this coming weekend so if you are good enough you can also be on youtube we will post the gameplay for you on our channel. So you have a good chance to be on youtube. Join now. Also join our elite sniping clan.  join our shotgun elite teams. Our lmg elite teams. Our smg elite team. Our riot elite team. And our assault elite team

We are called [DMND]DIAMOND

Message me now