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champions league is the dumbest thing ever

good idea with champions league guys. i think its fantastic that you get put into a league with other ppl of your skill lvl but then if your iron you always go against platinum? ya your right i cant argue with that logic. if you cant even play against others that are at your lvl then why make different brackets and why even make it competitive when you can just play the regular online matches that are the same thing just without the broken match making. if you ask me this is all just a waste of time and should have been thought out a little more i wouldnt recommend this game to anyone. if you wanna play competitively then just go to gamebattles.com 

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    Well said. By the way, the reason you got matched up with higher divisions is the fact that only 2,000 people play Champions at all times. Most people get put in platinum after placement games.

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    The fact is, far fewer people are playing League Play than Treyarch desired/anticipated. People's perception seems to be you need a full party of 6 friends to do well, so they stay away. Meanwhile, HC gets the shaft.

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    yea as it was said the numbers are far lower than expected. it is a shame because it really is fun. I wish more people played it.


    I really want to see it stay around. You get to go up against good people in high rankings top 10 plat and top 25 masters.


    It really is something fun for the competitive players.


    If you want to find a group play good against or with another group you play against.

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    League play is stupid and confusing.  It's says "solo play" on the damn list as part of the description and then you play vs teams.  WHY DOES IT SAY SOLO PLAY?  Why put that there?  What sense does that make?  Solo play implies a solo que or mercenary.


    I don't even like playing with friends because the game seems to always lag harder

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    As stated, the problem lies with the population of the playlists. Until more people play, the games aren't really going to be matched on skill.


    What they need to do at this point is up the ante on XP earned in League. Make it something ridiculous like +7500 for wins and +1500 - 2000 for losses. Give people an incentive to try it out. Then once more people play, lower it back down. Most people just want to level at this point and League isn't a good place to do it.

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    League is a complete flop. Just take a look at it at this moment. There are only 3040 people playing on it out of 276,000 people.


    I would rather have Treyarch remove it and add more game modes on Hardcore. Unfortunately, I don't think Treyarch will do that as doing that is like admitting that they were wrong. They thought that people wants to be MLG players. 

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    I dont usually have this sort of problem, but it does happen from time to time and it can be very irritating. But even though they are in platinum, doesnt necessarily mean that they are of higher skill, they might have just been put on good teams that always win. Because League games is where you play to win, not play for kills(excluding teamdeathmatch, and kill confirmed). I am at Platinum rank solo, and gold team rank and have been beaten by a team full of individual players(random people, not an actual coordinated group) who are ranked silver and below.

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      I also feel like the league was a good idea and can go places if the right changes are made. However, its getting really old having the other 3 people on my team quit while playing solo and have to play 1v4. And the worst thing is, taking losses and losing points when the other teams host dashboards. If you dont pull host, you are at the hosts mercy weather you win or lose the game cause they can just dashboard with 1m left in the game and all 7 other people get losses aswell and lose points. I hope they find some way to fix it cause I JUST GOT PROBATION WHEN THE OTHER TEAMS HOST QUIT. Seems fair that I have to wait to play when someone on the other team quits. Thanks Treyarch.

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    Not to mention the 10-15 minute wait times to get into a match.


    I see it dying a slow death unless they change something soon.

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    As long as the lag compensation is not balanced, league play will never pick up. The kind of player that wants to play in league play is the same one that spends the money for a quality internet connection and we all know what low ping means in this game. Unless something is done about the faulty lag compensation, league is doomed.

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      hopefully the lag thing is something that they are working on. it could just be a phase that alot of new games go through were the servers just get beat up from the mass swarm of players just getting the game. one thing they should do though is only allow ppl with a good connection to play in the champion league. or do something that ive seen in some halo games were you get the option to only play against other with a good connection