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New Clan ContractKillerz ($KLR$) looking for BO2 and MW3 (optional) members of all levels !

$Contract Killerz$


We are a group of experianced COD Players forming a new clan (clan name ContractKillerz). We are looking for players of all levels to join our team.


We have well organized leadership in place and provide a casual yet friendly playing enviornment for people of all playing levels.We have no other requirment than to have fun and work well with others.


This is a new clan founded by experienced COD players. All are welcome ! We have a new website being developed to go along with our YouTube Channel (Hyperdrive Cinema) where we host videos captured on our HD PVRs. We will have a regular practice and competition schedule.


There will be a decent, yet limited, number of spots with a waiting list. Players will be chosen according to personality, availability, and their willingness to grow with the team.


If you are interested my Xbox name is RevCain , the clan name on the search is ContractKillerz, or you can leave your info here and I will get back to you !


Thanks, we loook forward to meeting you !