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Bouncing bettys

Treyarch, i hope you hear the Black Ops 2's community. We are so angry with this thing, because:


Too low activate sound.

Very High range of explos.

Now the camping level its too high because this thing protects campers backs.

When i try to get prone to avoid this. I do a Dolphin Dive and the Betty kills me .


Please, fix this crap.

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    there is many counteraction you can take.

    Personnaly, I rarely get killed by bouncing betty

    First, engineer perks. Huge round red disk on the ground are easy to avoid.


    or throwing in a emp grenade. 50 points by small equipment disabled, betty, claymore , shockcharge etc. Its easy to make 100 point that way, same as a kill, usefull to get scorestreak.


    or scanning the room with a black hat. takes a fracton of second, gives you 50 points + 100 xp and it often get you a free kill ( very effective when used in conjunction with engineer perks)


    or lightweig perks. when entering a room, quickly back up, the betty goes up but explode too far to kill you. Work best on room with stairs leading to them, like on highjacked

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    There are many ways to avoid them and actually alot of mine get hacked as soon as i throw them down.. so maybe you want to start using that??  Use engineer and then when you see them just hack them. You don't even have to be standing next to them!! 

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      If i choose engineer for 3 perk i need to quit Extreme conditioning or grenades...

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        TheAjxs9 wrote:


        If i choose engineer for 3 perk i need to quit Extreme conditioning or grenades...


        Tough luck.  How about using a gun without attachments?  I run LMGs and to compete at times I need to use three attachments, so that's five slots taken up for the 10 point system.

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    I was playing Raid and an opposition player was in the room at the edge of the map, overlooking the round area with the blocks. He had a shock charge and also a betty at the top of the steps.

    Using engineer and black hat I saw these from a fair way away, so I hacked the betty then shot the shock charge. He came to see who had set it off and blew himself up with 'his own' betty.


    Engineer also delays explosives if for some reason you don't see the highly visible bright red thing in front of you.


    I use Black Hats and Engineer on every single one of my classes, they are the best pairing in the game.

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    there is nothing wrong with Bettys. in fact, betty's havent been close to useful since WaW.


    stop complaining and adapt. there are much BIGGER issues that need to be fixed.

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    A Pig that flys

    Howabout you turn your volume up, because they're pretty load to me, and then, when you hear one go off, CROUCH instead of PRONE (or dolphin dive,)

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    You forgot to mention the most egregious use of betties... In spawns. I've spawned on more betties than I can count. That's what needs the fixing.

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    bettys are fine, what isnt fine is people dropping them the second they spawn, because guess what...an enemy will spawn in that SAME spot within 10 seconds and it will be a guarenteed kill

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    **Begin Sarcasm**

    I think what you really want is something where if someone sits in one area for more than 3-5 seconds he falls and 1 point is given to each of the enemies.  That way you completely get rid of campers.

    **End sarcasm**


    Camping isn't going to go away. They already lessened it.  Even if I am running around I will often have betties to throw down in high traffic areas. It's a perfectly valid strategy. Others outlined ways to avoid them and if you don't want to use those techniques then you need to modify how you run around.  Betties are not too powerful.

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    Wear a flak vest. Then at least they need to double up the Betties to kill you.

    EMP grenade = so useful, so underutilized