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Is Ghost working as it should be?


There's been a quite a few occasions where I'm using ghost and sprinting but the enemy are waiting for me ADSing at the corner I'm just about to come around. Once or twice I'd put down to chance but when I'm nowhere near my team or the action (flanking) it makes me think it's not working as it should be.

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    They could just be hard core camper waiting for that one person to run around the corner.

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    Camping and headglitching seems to be a popular thing with the kids these days. This is probably why you run into ADS'ing players.


    My 2 cents.

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    I have experienced this as well and wondered the same thing, especially if it appears as though they just moved in to that position from pointing the other way.


    I guess time will tell.

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    This happens to me alot too on Search and Destroy where a guy will turn around from aiming out of a window and aim at the door just as im about to come through it even when im useing Ghost and a UAV is up.

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    I agree, I swear I still show up on the radar and when I hit the start button I can see even more enemy positions on the big map! Does that mean that you show up no matter what on the big map even while sprinting with ghost? I love this game but killing ghost was stupid! I think that if you run ghost, blind eye, and cold blooded then you shouldn't need to sprint in order to "activate" ghost. Some of us are stealth players who don't just sit and camp but want to remain off the radar. I hope they fix this issue soon. The game is still playable but ghost is ghost, we want it back!

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    If you look at your mini-map...When ghost is working the yellow triangle that represents your character will be a dull or faded yellow. If you stop it turns a brighter yellow and this is when you appear on radar.


    Now this game is all about camping and head glitching. It is the way to maps are designed. Low street with high windows or perches, tight corners, hay bails or other objects to head glitch on. The maps "look" pretty but they play terrible.


    I will not even go into my rant about spawning next to an enemy looking down the sights at me or the terrible lag comp.