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Is it really lag...


Ok, so this is simply me trying to help some of you out. Take it for what it is.


So I started playing COD 4 a long time ago and have gotten pretty decent (won 500$ playing in a tournament in Indianapolis). Moved to MW2 did pretty well in it, carrying a 2+ kdr and w/l. Went on to blops, same story. Tried MW3, didn't like it much, went back to blops and played until blops 2. Well after playing for a few weeks, and putting over 2 days thus far i just couldn't shake the awkward feeling like I was constantly lagging. Not traditional "glitchy" lag just my bullets not hitting when by all accounts (my eyes and friends at my house) they should be...


After going to my FL and watching there w/l and kdr I thought it is this game. I almost put the game away, but as always I kept coming back. Well just this past weekend I had some friends over, my buddy was on a 27 in hdtv, I was on my typical 47 lg led, and my other friend was on my computer moniter.


Well, after a couple of hours of playing I noticed that my friend on the moniter was doing "better" than normal. Now, I already had a sneeking suspescion that my tv was causing a little bit of problems even though it is 120 hz with a "gaming" mode. Anyway, so after they left I hooked up to my montier, BEST DECISION EVER. It was almost night and day. Went from breaking even most games to top of the board again in every game type or mode. Bullets started hitting again. Now, while yes this game does still have some wonderful COD lag that has been pretty typical and some would say worse. But I found out that for sure, especially in my instance that my rig was holding me down. Just some food for thought. I just figured this might help some people out especially in this day and age where most people have some big A*$ tvs. Oh also note that cod 4 was played on a moniter, mw2 moniter, and blops on a 32 in 720p tv. It wasn't until i bumped to the 47 in which was right before mw3 that the sh****ness started. But in all seriousness try it if you were like me and on the end of your last nerve with what seems to be "lag".

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    Yes, it's really lag. I play on a freakin' monitor on PC. I tried playing Blops 2 today, couldn't even break even (was losing every 1v1 engagement). Immediately loaded up MW3, and got an AH-6 and a Reaper. Switched to a specialist class and did just as well.


    WTF Treyarch.

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      As I stated, take it for what it is. Yes there is more lag then others, and treyarch has stated already they are working around the clock to figure out the matchmaking issues. I am simply trying to help some people out that might be like me. The fact that there is some nasty lag even though you have your search settings at best and are running a 20+ mb connection is crap but we can only hope and in the mean time do what we can.

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    lag compensation......

    so the worse ( or shared) connection the better yoou will do


    treyarch junk

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    well i have a medium grade system and a 32" tv monitor.


    i have a pretty good cable connection. 10 down and half up.


    what i ahve noticed is lately the symptoms of lag switching is abundanlty present. there is absolutely no other explanation.


    also, in 1v1, over half the time my whole system freezes upon meeting them and when it unfreezes, im waiting to spawn.


    this last condition is not lag, it is some sick joke.


    i also noticed that if you have like 2 bars, youll run around almost invinsible.


    i am far from being the best player, but i am far from being the worst.


    people that do happen to have the same name as they do in mw3 that i totally pwned every match, in this game are mowing me over like i aint even standing there.


    the graphics of this game prevents me from moving back to mw3, but my god, the fact that hardcore players are getting screwed with such a small list to choose from and the fact that the lagginess of the game is freaking stupid, they ought to seriously be ashamed of themseleves.

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      To your system freezing thing Player, I too experience it, and it does not appear to be lag. Let me explain, as I stated i have friends over regularly and they play on screens next to mine, whenever it happens they look at connection, it is good, they are not lagging and my character model is just standing there on there screen, meanwhile on my screen I am completely immobile and it is pausing, jumps, pause, jump, then I usually respawn. I honestly think that it is a game disc error, I have tried different boxes, monitors, and ways of connecting to the internet (wirelessly and hard wired to modem). None of my friends experience this and I seem to be the only one when it happens. I also tried a different copy of blops, and it seemed to stop. Not real sure what I am going to do about it but it is aggrevating me a lot as well.


      Also, to Indy, no I live in Illinois, just heard about the tourny through the old IW forums, so me and a group of friends went, and won lol.

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    Makellos wrote:


    Ok, so this is simply me trying to help some of you out. Take it for what it is.


    So I started playing COD 4 a long time ago and have gotten pretty decent (won 500$ playing in a tournament in Indianapolis).

    You from Indy??

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      The matchmaking seems to be horrid and caters towards SPM over geographic location which promotes lag.


      I was playing with some guys in Quebec tonight because my SPM is above average (400).


      Every game seems to be laggier and laggier.