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Treyarch please fix the lag compensation. The online multiplayer is just really bad at the moment.

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    Its absolutely horrible, can't even play right now, Ill guess ill play mw3 until the next patch.

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      Game is totally unplayable for UK players

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        I've had to quit 15 games so far today.


        Spawning it nuts as well.

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        im on my 3g and i still cannot win a 1v1 gun fight with anyone from europe even if i start firing first. If they are from UK then its normally a fair fight, this game is 100% biased for european players. Dont care if you all think im bonkers but thats the way I see it EVERY EUROPEAN in a 1v1 will win.

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      No se puede jugar bien soy de venezuela y hay muchisimos como yo que tienen el mismo problema el retraso de la conexion como es posible que le dispares a alguien y caigas muerto porque la otra persona tiene como 3 segundos por delante de ti eso es un abuso debieron asegurarse que la conexion fuera por lo menos como la de mw3, ojala saquen un parche rapido y arreglen esa falla.

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    Games this morning were really nice, about noon p.s.t. thing went to ****. unplayable at the moment

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      The way its playing right now I would bet my house on the fact this game is more biased towards players from europe I cannot win any gun fights against european players

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        I have fibre optic , 42 down 10 up 25 ping and online is a joke

        Yet on Halo and Battlefield it's smooth as silk

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    Lag compensation doesn't exist. It's a myth by those with horrible internet to explain all their deaths. Just stop using your neighbour's WiFi to play CoD.

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    Just turned my Xbox off after about the 10th game in a row where the host quit and it went to migration.  This is to be expected when Activision/Treyarch/IW decide to **** players whose connection is good enough to host their games and give advantages to those who have bad internet or have their network set up poorly.  Game is an absolute joke.

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      Last Wednesday with server hotpatch: 22.205.43 was the last time this game was playable.  Before that it was launch day.


      22.213.47 is currently unplayable.


      So sad. I was really hoping to play this year.

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        I just isn't working well at all.

        One game is good then the next it's horrible. I get killed by ghosts, shooter doesn't appear at all. Or the appear in an instant only to kill you.

        Controller lag is bad also, I've set my sensitivity to 14 and it's still slower then it should be at 14. Weapon won't even fire at times, up to a full second delay. And it's a new controller. I have 17 of them as I'm always told it's my controller. I can safely say it's not.