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Looking to join a clan.

Hello everyone!  My name's Angie!  I'm pretty decent at call of duty.  I play on xbox 360.  I play more zombies than multiplayer; however, I do enjoy both.  I was just looking to join a clan and don't know where to start.  Thanks!  GT: hooker4oblivion

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    If you're looking for a laid back clan you can join mine. We're just a group of friend's that play together when we get a chance. I myself enjoy zombie's. If you would like to join our name is WUB WUB Gaming. Also if you want someone to play zombie's with my gamertag is ImmortalTater. Hope you find what you're looking for.

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    Shadow Company wants you!  Tour our headquarters and enlist in our army.  We will guide you into battle and fight along side you.  Shadow Company offers a structured multi-platform, multi-franchise gaming experience for players of all skill levels.  We are an online gaming community with bases world wide.  We are currently recruiting for our North American and European battalions.  Visit www.theschq.com to join today!

    Feel free to add me on Xbox Live my XBL Gamer Tag is IamBeaverSlayer


    Anyone in the clan will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have!