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wiimote fixed! (FALSE ALARM:IGNORE)


I told you to ignore the thread. You don't listen well do you?

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    like pastries?

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    Really?  No trolling? 

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      Problems are NOT fixed. Played two TDM matches. The problems are still occuring with the Wii remotes.

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        if its laggy courser, it might be consul issues, or something else gonig wrong.


        if your courser is teleporting, then it isnt fixed. the games been running smooth for me for a while now. but i also havent been getting the laggy courser thing some other people were getting.

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    i swear its fixed. yesterday i could climb normally again and i could run without picking up random weapons. ill make a low quality video as proof.

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    It's working for me since last night. I'm using the Charlie control layout.

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      I think this will take a proper patch (ie download) to fix the issues.  As the control settings etc are stored locally, not on their servers.  Therefore, if we see an update to the CoD servers, that shouldn't have an impact on our client side issues such as the wiimote.   I believe trey mentioned this.


      Confused about one thing guys. When you say hotfix, you are talking about CoD server patches, correct (As 3arch has so much more latitude in updating them than anything going through NN)?

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        The problem with patches, as with previous cods, is that Nintendo have to check them and then approve them - and this is still a major issue and a major part in the furture of cod on the wii. The current numbers of players online is very low, this will grow at xmas we hope, BUT if Nintendo continue to not allow patches/dlc etc people wont buy the game, that in itself will make future cods worthless moneywise to the game devs as it simply wont be worth the hassle.

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          im watching my gf playing right now and its still happening..

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          "BUT if Nintendo continue to not allow patches/dlc etc people wont buy the game, that in itself will make future cods worthless moneywise to the game devs as it simply wont be worth the hassle. "


          Your first misunderstanding is that Nintendo does allow DLC and patches. The dispute between Nintendo and Activision was a rumor. Nothing more. I'll assume the rumor is what gave you that impression.


          Your second misunderstanding is that everyone buy's the game for multiplayer. Some people buy cods for the campaign. I got Black Ops 2 for the campaign and Zombies. I really enjoyed Black Op's campaign, so i was looking forward to what Black Ops 2 had to offer in terms of a single player experience. Zombies was second, and is awesome. Then, multiplayer which is in third and is so-so.


          Your third misunderstanding is that Microsoft and Sony DO have an approval process too. At the release of the CoDs there's usually a ton of patches (likewise for other games, i'd assume), but there weren't as many issues with the Wii U version as the PS3 and 360s. Not sure about the PC, but anyways. The point is this: The Wii U version didn't need a major amount of work to be done on it (compared to the other versions and their de-ranking glitch, etc), although after this hotfix this statement should be revised, still... I hope they will look after it and get these issues sorted out. I can't play properly with the Wii Remote.


          "The problem with patches, as with previous cods, is that Nintendo have to check them and then approve them"


          To continue, the approval process speeds up at the release of games, but slows down as games become dated. If you were checking up on the other boards for Black Ops, this would have become apparent. The PS3 and 360 versions got 3-5 patches or so within the first 2 weeks of the game's release, and then it went to a new patch every 2 weeks to every month. It costs money to also patch games, which Nintendo announced that they weren't going to cost developers for patches, so the Wii U versions can be fixed up better (theoretically) than the other versions. They just have to go through the approval process. Of course, it also depends on if the developer will support the game for a long time to come, and with such an offer Nintendo made, i hope that treyarch will take advantage of it.



          Also, DLC was difficult to be done on the Wii. Internal storage issues until Nintendo allowed transfering game data to the SD cards etc. Rock Band and Guitar Hero couldn't properly put out DLC on Wii until Guitar Hero 4 (or was it 5?) and Rock Band 2, which had disc based DLC until Rock Band 3 (been a while since i last checked on that, but there was at one point sold separately discs containing the DLC).


          If you want a example of DLC, then check Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As a King on WiiWare. That's DLC. DLC Wii games were noted with a Red wi-fi symbo too. There aren't many Wii games that had it, but for those that did, they had DLC available, which was known as Pay & Play.



          There's a lot more too  like the online infrastructure of the Wii (especially compared to the Wii U now). For now, don't speculate on whether or not the Wii U won't or will recieve DLC. Just wait and see, but your thought is still a crazy one if you think getting rid of the approval process will do any good. Nintendo is the campany that brought the gaming industry to where it is today pretty much. There would be no industry like this if it weren't for Nintendo and the Nintendo Seal of Quality (which, by the way, had an approval process to get rid of and regulate games released on their console).


          Business wise, if there's an audience on Wii U, then they will make a version of the game for the Wii U. Multiplat titles are just that. Have it available on multiple platforms to gain more revenue. You reach a wider audience that way which means more money. Developers will only see it not worthwhile if the game doesn't sell decently, and at the moment it's a bit too soon to tell. The console's not even a month old, and the holiday season is coming up too. Not to mention it will take a few month, after the holiday season, before some accurate readings can be shown in sales figures.




          I'm half a sleep at the moment, so i might be sounding harsh, but getting rid of the approval process would do nothing. This post would be twice as long if i went into what the Wii U would need in order secure part of the call of duty fanbase, but that's for another time. Point is, the approval process is here and is here to stay. It's needed, and we'll just have to wait a little while longer till a patch or another hotfix is released.


          I'm hoping that there will be a hotfix released tomorrow, since tomorrow is Monday after all, and some businesses don't operate on weekends. I want a patch just as much as others do. I can't play normally, having to watch where i sprint to make sure i don't tap (A) at the same time i'm over another weapon and whatnot. Definitely irrirtating, especially trying to snipe. For the first 15 minutes of playing today i thought my Wii Remote broke >_>

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          thats was on the wii not on the wii u cause we got more support from many third party developers then wat the wii had so well get patches and dlc in coming months so hold ur horses