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In the hunt for a clan....

So what I mean is, if there is a clan out there that fits me i'm looking for that one. I'm old enough. Over the years we've all put in so much money in these games, systems all the toys. What I am saying is I'm just tired of only playing with my friends i've played with since socom 2. Looking for something newer , thats sound and has some order structure behind it. Not interested in "applying" as these kids call it these days. I'm not gonna play against your best and see who is better. Thats not what I'm looking for. I'm a guy who has led large clans small clans. With real life experience not this video game fake kicking down doors.So if I sound like someone who would help your clan or fit in real nice PSN DaFaLLz. Its nice to be a Free Agent. I'm not coming to you or your website. Contact me.

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    I have sent you a friend request and message on PSN. If you would like to get a few games going with the Bacon Chili Cheese group together just add me and send me a message. If you like it we can go from there.

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    Hey bud you are welcome to join my clan. yeah its nothing much but me and my friend plan on doing some heavy recruiting. So just shoot me a message if instrested. PSN name thesius007.

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    Hey Check out our Clan Iconik Gameing. We are a a really big clan (over 4500 Players).

    Our site Is www.Iconik-Gaming.com you need no invite just go and regester when you want

    IG Shadowalker as your referer or click the link

    http://iconik-gaming.com/forum.php?referrerid=4460. We have multiple Elite clans as well

    but you will need to rank up on the site before you can join them. We do have a requierment

    age of 13 and up. If you have any questions message me on XBL my GT is IG Shadowalker.